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It was constructed on the premise that to truly understand the full context of regional anesthesia, the fundamentals of nerve blocks should be explained first. Only then can a provider extend their reach into advanced techniques. The format is a simple head to toe approach, and you’ll find that the material is concise and manageable. It has taken years to compile data and sources, collect images and edit its content. Combining this content with the advances of the iPad only adds to the learning experience and augments this text to become a tool that can easily be used for personal of teaching purposes. I cur- rently use this information in courses I teach through Twin Oaks Anesthesia Services. This content is overwhelmingly evidence based, and very little is opinion. It is meant to be used as an adjunct to your primary anesthesia education and not as your sole source for practice.

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Time with the “Rakkasans” 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team - Work on this booklet was inspired by my very dear friend Lieutenant Colonel Bill Robbins, U. S. Army, Retired. Bill had served a number of years in an ABU Company within a battle group and a battalion of 327th Airborne Infantry. During that time, his company had a very unusual mascot. The mascot had become a rallying symbol for company members for a long period of time. Images of this mascot had been painted on billboards outside the company orderly room at various times over the years. Some of the images were inside of the barracks. Any number of the company troopers had the image tattooed on their legs. Bill had written a book about his times with the company, especially about their time in combat in Viet Nam. He wanted to find how the mascot had originated and had searched for an extended period of time. Bill finally found me in 2014 and told me what had happened with the mascot over all the years of time. Bill wanted to write a sequel to his book and asked me to help him write about how the idea got started to include in his new book. The idea started in Company I of the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team back in early 1953. Over the years, Bill had had some 197th time himself. He began encouraging me to write about my time with the 187th. During the Korean War, I had been in the Korean theater, which included parts of Japan, for about 27 months continuously. About two years of that time had been with the 187th. To tell a more complete story, it seemed appropriate to tell about time of the 187th in combat before I got there and then what happened while I was there. When I learned how the mascot history had continued longs after I had left, it seemed fitting to outline that history also. My indebtedness to Bill Robbins is explained throughout this booklet.

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Larry was an outfield star in our country's historical American Negro League. He later befriended and barnstormed with one of Major League Baseball's most legendary greats, Satchel Paige. Larry was a consistent .300-plus hitter with the ability to hit the ball to all fields, homerun power, impeccable speed, and a rocket arm that earned the selection of two East-West All-Star games in 1958 and 1959. He played for the Memphis Red Sox (1957), Detroit Stars (Detroit Clowns) (1958), Kansas City Monarchs/NY Yankees Minor League/St. Petersburg Saints (1959) and went on to play with the Satchel Paige All-Stars (1960---1964). Larry said, "I found someone to play with!" and it was his friend Satch, Larry LeGrande is an unsung hero from our historical American Negro Baseball Leagues who has a story to tell about being a Negro baseball player in America's terrifying era of human conflict and Negro oppression; he had the spirit and perseverance to overcome immense cultural, personal, political, and professional challenges.

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Take your ultrasound to the next level.

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Jochebed, the mother of Moses, only had her child for the first four to five years of his life, but what she did with that time is what made the difference. Seeds of Biblical truths were planted into the fertile soil of the young boy’s heart until they grew stronger and greater than the pull and allure of the world. God used a mother to do this! Inside this book is a package of seeds for mothers to teach and plant into their children every morning before going to school. It will plant the foundation of the One, True God, separation from the world, God’s plan of salvation, and the power of the supernatural. It will teach them how to talk to God, how to stand upon God’s Word, and the power of worship as it instill within them the foundation of Whom they belong.

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Journal of a young man faced with a terminal illness.

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Does it look hopeless or impossible? You feel helpless, lost at the end, everything's against you, pressed beyond measure, feeling waves of pressure in your life? Is your faith failing, trust wavering, or you feel God has forgotten you? This book will give Hope and increase Faith to those who are struggling with impossible situations. There’s no doubt you will find Faith rising in your heart and soul as you walk along these written paths traveled by others, whose stories are shared in this LIFE-CHANGING book!

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“If ever there was a woman qualified to write a book on ‘The Virtuous Woman,’ Joy Haney is the writer. To those who know her well and love her, and to those who have only just made her acquaintance, everyone agrees she is on of those women whose value soars beyond that of rubies. The book is divided into three main areas of focus. We are both compelled and challenged to Radiate, to Dedicate, and to Consecrate! After reading this book, you will find yourself seeking ways to Radiant light, love, grace and wisdom, to Dedicate yourself as never before to prayer and the Word and will Consecrate your life to worship and seek to be a great influence in your world.”~Vesta Mangun “Against the backdrop of the current tsunami of moral and cultural confusion, this just might be her best book. This is a revelatory message for these times. It is a must read!” ~Rev. Chester and Marion Mitchell

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Inspirational Quotes & Meaningful Prayers

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Employed for Life takes you on a journey of discovery that—once you realize Who your true employer is—will allow you to identify and thrive in the workplace. Whether you are currently unemployed, under-employed, unhappily employed, or simply looking for growth and success in your work-life, the spiritual principles and extremely practical how-to tips in this book are guaranteed to get you unstuck and on the road to true fulfillment in your work. The best news is that your Boss (and Heavenly Father) has already gone before you to prepare your place in His organization and He is eager to get you started!

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A marriage of finances, faith and facts exposing the schemes of forces that are putting many in bondage today. It’s time for individuals and communities to be enlightened and freed from the bondage of debt and destructive thinking.

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God’s Vision of What’s “Normal” for Me” is a book that shows us how to live in a very busy and visual world that is constantly demanding your attention, demanding your confidence, challenging your God given faith, to determine what is acceptable as “normal” for you. In thoughtful and insightful language with clear and plain examples and illustrations, the author Edward Pitts reveals the antidote for establishing God’s normalcy for us is assembling ourselves together. Or another way of saying this is to “building and maintaining Godly connections with other believers” pertaining to the kingdom of God. This conscience and concerted effort of assembling ourselves creates oneness and activates the power of Unity that results in what the bible indicates “One can chase a thousand and two can put ten thousand to flight”.

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Have you ever looked forward to something, and it didn't turn out the way you thought or planned? As a result, you made permanent decisions based on temporary situations and circumstances. The pain, misery and disappointment of the past began to shape and define who you are. This is precisely my story.

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The record of the Eighteenth Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment can withstand a critical comparison with any regiment in the American Civil War, North or South. As warriors, the men of the Eighteenth Georgia could stand shoulder to shoulder with soldiers of any storied unit in US military history. In the three years, eleven months, and twenty days of the regiment's existence, the stubborn men in the ranks trained, marched, and fought from Camp McDonald (outside Atlanta) to Appomattox, burying their dead on battlefields in Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The regiment's casualty rate was astounding, even by Civil War standards. By war's end, the butcher's bill tallied 162 men killed or mortally wounded in combat, 221 killed in accidents or lost to diseases, 340 wounded, 305 captured (most of whom were sent to Northern prisoner-of-war camps), and four missing and presumed dead. Only 55 men were left to stack arms when the Army of Northern Virginia was formally surrendered on April 12, 1865. The regiment's journey from Camp McDonald to Appomattox was paved with stunning victories, stinging defeats, and unfathomable hardships. Vermin, poor (or no) food, inadequate clothing and equipment, and lack of sleep sapped the men's strength and destroyed their health-but not their discipline, morale, or aggressiveness. Most times cheerfully but sometimes stoically, the Georgians endured the physical and mental pains of destitution, disease, and death as they followed the regimental battle flag from Georgia to Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia. They logged more than five thousand miles, zigzagging across mountains, hills, streams, rivers, swamps, farmlands, and woodlands. This marching and countermarching always portended more fighting and dying. The regiment participated or came under fire in forty skirmishes, engagements, battles, and other operations, suffering casualties in twenty-one of them. The Eighteenth Georgia was prominent in eight of twelve battles where Union forces suffered the most casualties during the war: Gettysburg, Spotsylvania, the Wilderness, Chancellorsville, Second Manassas, Cold Harbor, Fredericksburg, and Sharpsburg. The Georgians were on the field for two of the other major battles-Chickamauga and Petersburg-but were not engaged. The only two major battles they missed were Murfreesboro and Shiloh. Yet miles covered, battles fought, and blood shed are not the sole, or even the most decisive, factors that constitute greatness in a military unit. Some units may fight in obscurity, while others appear at a decisive time and place on the battlefield. Most regiments in Lee's army distinguished themselves on one battlefield or another. Some were prominent on multiple battlefields, thus earning the undying admiration and respect of Southern people. But when it came to helping "Bobby" Lee win a decisive victory or stave off a disastrous defeat, no regiment was more conspicuous than the Eighteenth Georgia. Its name is forever inscribed on the scroll of Confederate regiments that were in the right place, at the right time, and in the right formation to make a significant difference during the battles of Gaines's Mill, Second Manassas, South Mountain, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville and Salem Church, Gettysburg, Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, and Petersburg. Through recollections of his own great-grandfather and from other firsthand accounts, Brigadier General Jerry C. McAbee, USMC (ret.), takes us on the journey of the Civil War soldier. We follow the decision making and strategy that led to the end of the war. We understand the mentality of battle-weary men following the directions of a desperate leadership. And we see the side of the Civil War often overlooked by history. This is the true story of a regiment of stubborn men from Georgia.

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The true story of one man’s Paranormal and Supernatural experiences.

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We would like to celebrate this Special Edition of Larry on the front cover in his original Satchel Paige All-Star uniform by donating 100% of all the profits to a local North Carolina Negro League Charity Organization. This organization not only helps support youth athletic team sports, but also has a focus on encouraging young people in the fields of math and science.

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Add something NEW to your OB anesthesia/spinal and epidural conference. Twin Oaks is pleased to offer the all-new Spinal and Epidural workshop with emphasis on ultrasound - This newly designed course features HANDS-ON PRACTICE STATIONS for spinal and epidural placement but also includes ultrasound for the OB anesthesia provider. The book format is a simple head to toe approach, and you’ll find that the material is concise and manageable. It has taken years to compile data and sources, collect images and edit its content. Combining this content with the advances of the iPad only adds to the learning experience and augments this text to become a tool that can easily be used for personal teaching purposes. This content is overwhelmingly evidence-based, and very little is opinion. It is meant to be used as an adjunct to your primary anesthesia education and not as your sole source for practice.

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Gents with No Cents explores a rarely examined side of Wall Street: Its childish antics. From accountants that can't count to financial regulators that don't regulate, this book will make you howl with laughter at their incompetence.

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“Wall Street is a place with a river at one end and a graveyard at the other,” so goes the saying. Stark cold as that may sound, it misses the nursey school in between and that’s what the Wall Street Coloring Book is all about.

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Begin the transformation of the Internal Audit function by applying Total Quality Management (TQM) concepts. The book, Total Quality Auditing, How a Total Quality Mindset Can Help Internal Audit Add Real Value, presents how to put TQM concepts to work in the world of Internal Auditing. The Total Quality Auditing (TQA) Six Points of Focus including Ethics and Culture, Standards of Conduct, Customer Feedback, Lean Auditing, Balance of Audit and Consulting and Internal Audit Leadership provide a framework that can be immediately applied to increase the value of Internal Audit through proactive steps to reduced risks and improved organization effectiveness.

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Investing is an exercise based upon constant failure and disappointment, drenched with mental distractions, obsessions, worries, manias, and even superstitions. It’s an exercise that should have positive results, but far too often doesn’t.

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TQA Workbook Description: Begin the transformation of the Internal Audit function by applying Total Quality Management (TQM) concepts. The book, Total Quality Auditing, How a Total Quality Mindset Can Help Internal Audit Add Real Value, presents how to put TQM concepts to work in the world of Internal Auditing.

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Closely Re-examine World History Events to Understand Their Significance to Our Future,

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Teacher strikes are a weekly occurrence. Teachers are demanding improved worksite conditions, more supplies, more money and more support from the administration. Some veteran teachers have thrown up their hands in bitter defeat and retired early or quit. New teachers are questioning why they got into the business of education. Each day brings new challenges to the classroom. Teacher morale has fallen and the culture in schools has become toxic. How did we get here and what can be done to change the nature of today’s classrooms?

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I was physically abused at home. I was picked on and beaten up at school. I tried to kill myself every year of high school. I ran away as a teenager. I was homeless for two years. Somewhere in the middle of all this, I found a dream worth chasing. This is the story of my life in my own words.

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Healing for Those Who Have: If you have had an abortion and are struggling, please know that there is deliverance. God created us to live victoriously; not hang our heads in shame. He knows that we are going to make bad decisions; some that are quite horrific. Don't be afraid of Jesus or feel you are too bad or too dirty for Him to love you. Jesus would have forgiven Judas if he'd asked, but Judas didn't ask. Accept Jesus' forgiveness and He will show you how to forgive yourself.

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