Cancer R.I.P. The Ultimate Fight

Genre: Memoir

New Book Shows Readers How to Battle Cancer and Win

June 1, 2018 is a day businessman Steve Kelley remembers vividly. That was the day he found out he was afflicted with a rare form of brain cancer. For most of us our first thought, when learning of a cancer diagnosis, is to panic and feel like we’ve been handed a death sentence. But not Steve, he decided to fight back.

In his new book, Cancer RIP: The Ultimate Fight, Steve Kelley exposes the roller coaster ride of a brain cancer diagnosis. Never backing down, Steve courageously stared cancer square in the face and fought daily to stay alive. Battling the countless ups and downs, he resolved not only to survive—but to thrive.

For Steve, his journey with cancer began when he started getting lost while driving. He started missing or forgetting appointments, becoming quite undependable and even losing some of his vision. He never dreamt that all these “symptoms” were cancer until he went to the hospital and had a CT scan. The diagnosis was devasting, but once diagnosed he settled into a routine of acceptance. “I learned to continue to go about my business and family life with an air of adventure. Not quite ignoring cancer, but always pushing it away from daily life. ” Steve says. “I just try to stay in the present and make every day AMAZING!”

With an unwavering positive attitude, solid support system, and formidable tenacity, Steve challenged his own fears and self-doubt as he maneuvered the “world of cancer.” Cancer R.I.P. tells Steve’s story and is an inspiration for others facing cancer diagnoses. Steve’s journey will uplift, encourage, and inspire those dealing with a cancer diagnosis as well as the loved ones walking alongside them.

Steve reminds readers that cancer isn’t always a death sentence. In fact—quite the opposite. His fortitude and abundant life are powerful testimony that cancer, with luck and expert medical care at your side, can be an incredible life-giving experience if you show up ready to fight the good fight.

“When I realized that I was going to survive and push the envelope of expectations for CNS Lymphoma, I wanted to help others. It is devastating when cancer first shows itself – both to you and to your family and friends. I have the sincere hope that my story will make it easier for those that follow in my footsteps.”

“Steve Kelley’s Cancer R.I.P. is an invaluable window for all physicians to see how one extraordinary patient personally perceives his cancer and the emotional toll of our treatments on him. Written with wit, wisdom, and thoroughly entertaining prose, this book is a beautiful lesson to both patient and physician.” Yakov Kogan, M.D.

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Steve Kelley

Steve Kelley is a successful entrepreneur, a real estate developer, a professor, a public speaker, a personal coach and mentor, and an author. He lives life to the absolute fullest and brings encouragement, insight, and joy to all whom have the pleasure of knowing him. He resides in the Boston area in a multi-generational home with his wife Susan, her son Dave, and his beloved grandchildren. Cancer RIP: The Ultimate Fight is Steve’s third book. Learn more about Steve at

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