Print On Demand

Print On Demand 

What is Print On Demand?

We offer authors the ability to sell their books from their own personal Author Web Page. We can print and store as few or as many books as you would like fulfilled. We also can ship you as many books as you want if you want to do it yourself. The bottom line is we aren’t looking to make money off of you. We are just a solution for selling your books and receiving full royalties in return. Books will be fulfilled the same day the order comes in. The shipping and handling will be paid by the buyer of your book. And your money will be sent to you in full through Pay Pal either quarterly, or whenever requested. We don’t have any middle men like most book distributors so we won’t always be taking percentages away from you.

Traditionally print on demand means that an author can print as few books as they would like to start and their books are being printed 1 at a time as they sell. This seems like a good idea on the surface, but there are 2 major problems with this. First of all, it is very hard to grow in this model. Let’s say an author sold 100 books this way 1 at a time. In the Amazon model, you would be paying about the same unit price per book as with us. The only reason that is possible is because we are so well priced. The difference is huge though. As you sold those books 1 at a time on Amazon, you would also be paying a monthly prime subscription, royalties on every book sold, and multiple additional fees. And for what? Zero promotional help and no assistance with any questions on your book, it’s poor quality, and help with a promotional plan to help market and sell books. It will take a long time to show a profit of any kind.

Secondly, Vanity Publishers like LuLu and Book Baby offer massively overpriced packages that lock authors into a contract through the ISBN number. Harder to believe, their packages can cost the author upwards of 5,000. These packages are loaded with things that won’t really help an author. More confusingly these packages offer between 10-20 books for the author to sell. 10-20 books, is that a joke? For 2500.00 they give you 20 books. With us, 2500.00 would basically get you the same services like eBook creation, an author web page, cover design, and marketing. The difference is with us you could get 1000 printed books for that cost. Think about that for a second. For the same amount of money, we could offer you 980 more books than them.

We offer print on demand in the sense we could print 1-25 books for you and then sell them one at a time. But this is not the way to succeed. Higher quantities decrease your unit price per book and make you more profitable. Many authors also fall for the promises of worldwide distribution and getting their book on all platforms. The truth is there isn’t a platform they could place your book on that you couldn’t do yourself. And besides, what good is worldwide distribution with 10 books?

If you want to print a small amount of books, we are still your company. We can offer you a solution that doesn’t cost nearly as much as our competitors and can help you succeed far greater in the long run. Print On Demand doesn’t need to be what it’s turned into, which is basically a trick to scam authors though false promises and expensive packages. Contact us anytime to discuss how we can help find what On Demand services will work best for you.

We offer the following services. Authors are free to pick all of them, one of them, or just what they need. While most print on demand companies don’t offer any flexibility, we do not believe in that take it or leave it mentality.

Book Printing  eBook Creation  Cover Design Author Web Pages  Editing   Formatting  Ghostwriting ISBN & Barcode Creation  Distribution & Fulfillment  Marketing advice

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