Questions for Your Book Printing Companies & Self-Publishing Companies

These are the basic questions that you should have answered before shopping for self-publishing companies. The problem is there are not many self-publishing companies that do all of these. If they do, it may be very expensive. An author’s best bet when self-publishing a book is to price out each item individually. Many times it will be both cheaper and more profitable to do so. This will require you to do a lot of homework, price comparing and asking a lot of questions.

Self-publishing a book can be like visiting a car body shop. You don’t really truly now how good the place is until you’ve already been through the process. You just write them a large check and hope for the best. It’s unfortunate that self-publishing a book has become that, but it has. Even the greatest of books can end up with the wrong self-publishing companies, and the authors are the ones who suffer.

The questions above are a great starting point to protect yourself from ending up with one of the many bad self-publishing companies out there. Many of our customers are authors who are trying to self-publish books and have been burned before. They’re pleasantly surprised to find that we’re not like other self-publishing companies. We empower authors, rather than cheating them and tricking them into unfair contracts. Let us show you first-hand that we’re the top quality, low cost ethical self-publishing company!