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With 40+ years of experience in the industry, great pricing, personal customer service and amazingly fast turnaround time, we’re the only book printing and self-publishing company you’ll ever need! If you’ve shopped around, you’ll see that we’re more ethical, efficient and personal than most self-publishing companies.

40+ Year Industry Experts
With our 40+ years of expertise in printing and self-publishing, we’ve perfected the art! Our state-of-the art printing technology and superior customer service allow us to provide high quality service that’s quick, efficient and low-cost. The greatest thing about our service is that it’s personal. You’ll always have a person to talk to if you need help with any part of the printing, publishing, marketing or sales process.

One-Stop-Shop All In-House
All books are printed here at our location. While most book printers are just brokers that sell your book out to other places, we do it all under one roof. We’ll help you with everything from formatting and writing your book to marketing and sales, and finally printing, storing, and shipping it to your customers. To save you money, we offer on-demand printing and we store and ship your books to readers for free!

Ethical Self-Publishing & Printing
Unfortunately, our industry is full of dishonest printing and self-publishing companies that prey on authors. They use trickery and deceit to coax authors into signing un-fair contracts. Many self-publishing companies also pay authors shamefully low royalty payments and they inundate authors with hidden charges and unpleasant surprises. We pride ourselves in being the printing and self-publishing company authors can trust!
Who is A&A for?
For authors looking for ethical self-publishing companies and book printing services

We serve self-publishing authors who need help writing or publishing their books, and also non-authors interested in bulk printing.
Our bulk-printing clients usually print flyers, brochures, educational materials, etc. Our author clients are both novice and veteran self-publishing authors who are interested in publishing, printing, marketing and selling their books. Regardless of the genre, length, size, design or style of your book, we will print it, publish it as an e-book (or do both). We’ll also help you market, sell and ship your book to your readers. Our services are quick, efficient, low-cost and high quality and we are 100% committed to honesty and transparency when we do business with you.
Self Publishing Packages & Services For Novels & Books
We have a full set of services for fiction writers to help you produce, market, sell and distribute your novel or book. Choose a package of services or just the a la carte services you need!
Self Publishing Packages & Services For Comic & Children’s Book
A & A Printing knows that formatting and editing a comic or children’s book can be difficult as a self publisher. We have a full package of services for your book or choose just the services you need!
Self Publishing Packages & Services For Religion, Self Help &amp Motivational Books
Need help self-publishing, formatting and edition a religious, self-help or motivational book? We can help you from start to finish!
Self Publishing Packages & Services For Non-Fiction Books
Looking to write a biography or autobiography? We can help with services ranging from ghost writing to cover design. Choose our non-fiction package of services or just choose the services you want!
Self Publishing Packages & Services For Special Interest Books
We have a full set of services for you to help you produce, market, sell and distribute your novel or book. Choose a package of services or just the services you need!

Self-Publishing a Book? We’re Your One Stop Shop: E-Book Publishing, Book Printing Services, Ghost Writing, Editing, Book Marketing, Book Sales and More!

Self-Publishing a Book

One of the Best Self-Publishing Companies For a Novice or Veteran Author Self-Publishing a Book in Print or E-book Publishing

Some self-publishing companies prefer to work only with veteran authors…or authors who have a lot of money to invest in self-publishing a book. We understand that every author has to start somewhere, and we’re just as proud to work with first-time authors as we are to work with veteran authors who want to self-publish books. Some self-publishing companies give preference to veteran authors over novices. We are not one of those self-publishing companies. We firmly believe that both groups of authors deserve the same treatment and positive experience when they self-publish books, and we will deliver just that. What makes us one of the best self-publishing companies for novice authors is that we offer step-by-step guidance on publishing a book and we offer phone support. We also offer guidance and services to help you market and sell your book, whether you’re e-book publishing or self-publishing books in print. With us, you’re never self-publishing a book completely by yourself…unless you want to! We’re also one of the best self-publishing companies for a veteran author who’s self-publishing a book. We’ve published multiple books that are being sold at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, and we provided the services to place the books there!

We Pay Higher Royalties than Most Self-Publishing Companies…Even Amazon!

Your book is your book…which is why the vast majority of the revenues from your book sales should go to you. Many self-publishing companies collect a large percentage of the profits from any author self- publishing a book. If you’re publishing a book with us, rest assured that you will receive 80% of the sales from your book…as you should! After all, authors who self-publish books do most of the work!

Self-Publishing a Book All on Your Own or With Help from Our Formatting, Design, Ghost Writing and Editing Services

Self-publishing a book doesn’t have to mean that you do all of the work yourself. When you self-publish books, you can outsource any tasks that you don’t have the time, desire or skills to complete yourself. We make it easy for you to outsource and self-produce whether you’re e-book publishing or on-demand printing. We offer ghost writing and editing services, which will allow you to write and self-publish books quicker than doing it all yourself. We also offer book templates to help you design the look and feel of your book right here on our site. Like we mentioned above, we offer a book cover maker and book cover design services too, so you can outsource as much or as little as you want! It’s never been so easy to self-publish books!

E-book Publishing

If you want to self-publish books without worrying about printing, we’re the self-publishing company for you! With your e-book publishing services, you can self-publish books entirely online. Later, if you decide to print them, you can!

Get an ISBN Number

If you’re e-book publishing and online book printing, it’s important to always give your book an ISBN number. You can apply for an ISBN number right here on our site. What is an ISBN number, exactly? Sure, we’ve all heard the term “ISBN number,” and we know ISBN numbers are found on books…but what do ISBN numbers do? ISBN numbers are codes that help machines process books quickly and efficiently. If you want your book to have any chance at being sold by large book retailers like Barnes & Noble or Amazon, your book needs an ISBN number. Whether your goal is to sell your book at large book retailers or not, it’s a good idea to have an ISBN number in case one of them decides to pick it up! Many small-scale book retailers use ISBN numbers too. Lastly, your book’s ISBN number can also help readers find your book online…especially if the title of your book and/or the author’s name is similar to that of another book. Imagine someone looking for your book in a bookstore and mistakenly buying another author’s book instead!

Book Marketing, Sales and Free Websites for Authors Too!

More involved in book marketing than most self-publishing companies

We said we’re one of those one stop shop self-publishing companies and we meant it! We can’t call ourselves a one stop shop unless we offer book marketing and offer a way for you to store, sell and ship your book to readers hassle-free!

Book Marketing

The quickest and easiest way to do book marketing is online. Very few readers drive to bookstores to browse the shelves looking for new releases, so the internet is your center stage for book marketing. The first step in book marketing is to have a website, and lucky for you, we offer that service free! Websites are great for book marketing because you can not only feature your book on them, but you can also feature an author biography and links to any other social media pages or blogs you may own. This will allow readers to see the full picture of who you are and what you’ve written. Book marketing can be more successful when readers feel like they have a way to connect with the author and learn about the author.

Free Storage and Shipping to Your Readers

Book marketing will increase your number of readers (yay!), but once you achieve that you’ll run into another challenge: Where do you store all of the books and how do you send them to all of those readers? We’ll do that all for you…for free! Your readers won’t even pay for shipping! Learn more about book storage and shipping.

Book Printing Services for Self-Publishers

Book Printing Services

We Offer More than Just Self-Publishing and Book Printing Services – We Offer On Demand Printing with State-of-the-Art Book Printing Technology, the Fastest Turn-Around Time in the Industry, and Superior Customer Service.

If you’re looking for cheap printing services, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality, you’ve come to the right place! When you work with us, cheap printing services won’t feel like “cheap” printing services. Our state-of-the-art printing technology not only allows us to finish jobs faster than other printing and self-publishing companies in the industry, but it also allows us to customize our services to meet your needs and keep the costs low. Our on demand printing services also allow us to offer cheap printing services. Also, unlike many online book printing and self-publishing companies, we’re family-run. To us, our customers are people, not transactions or numbers. We take pride in knowing our customers well and building long-term relationships with you…whether you’re self-publishing a book, or need invitation printing, brochure printing, flyer printing or something else. After all, the better we know our diverse set of customers, the better we can help you meet your goals, now and in the future!


With Our Book Printing Services You can Print your Own Book and Customize All of It


Customize Your Cover With Our Book Cover Maker

With our online book printing services, you can print your own book, and customize it! Unlike some self-publishing companies, with us, you can design all of your cover, some of it, or none of it. Whatever works for you, we’ll support you! More specifically, with our book cover maker services, you can design your own cover for your book, design it with the help of a professional designer, or have a professional design the entire thing. You can use our book cover maker services to print covers in color, in black and white or both! Soon, we will offer a full self-service book cover maker on the site, if you want to make your cover entirely on your own. Visit our book cover maker site and you’ll find the tool there shortly!

Customize the Pages of Your Book

If you use our online book printing services, you’ll not only do you control what text and pictures appear on the pages of your book, but you’ll design the look and feel. We offer formatting services in-house and can print your book with any array of colors that you choose. We offer book printing services in black and white, color and a mix of both!

On Demand Printing

One nice feature of our online book printing services is that we offer on demand printing. If you’re self-publishing a book, you may not want to buy 100 copies in hopes that you’ll sell them all. You may want to only buy ten copies at a time or fewer, and see how your sales look before buying 90 more. That’s fine by us. This is what on demand printing is about. Also, the nice thing about our on demand printing is that it’s not cost prohibitive…so if you’re looking for cheap printing services, on demand printing is not out of your reach!

Other Printing Services

Not a self-publisher? That’s fine! We offer other cheap printing services, such as flyer printing, invitation printing, brochure printing and more! Just check out our printing page for more information.

We make book printing as easy as 1, 2, 3. Let us help you get started today.

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