Tails of the Secret Peacock: We Chart Our Course

Genre: non fiction

The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are complete in this novel with the addition of Understanding, Knowledge, and Good Counsel. As they begin their mission of restoring the fortunes of families devastated by the French Revolution, along the way they learn self-defense with cloistered nuns, attend a lush masquerade, and encounter their first enemy: a sinister thief who will do anything to acquire the hidden war chest of Napoleon himself.

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Tails of the Secret Peacock: We Chart Our Course

Sacred Spaces Group
8.5" X 11.0"
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Lynn K. Kilbride

Lynn K. Kilbride is an author, artist, actress and speaker. She is president of Sacred Spaces Group, a creative company that designs and implements multi-platform inspirational experiences for audiences of all ages. She is author of the book Creating Sacred Art based on her ministry and teaching experiences. She wrote, illustrated, and narrated the Tails of the Secret Peacock series. She holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

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