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About the Author

Lynn Tomaro earned a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and has had a career in Law Enforcement for over three decades. Inspired by her Maltese, Tessa, who was rescued from a kill shelter in Alabama, she found a new passion to write a book devoted to animals with the need to speak for them and bring to the forefront that God’s loving embrace encompasses all creatures. Reaching out to parishes across the country, she has hoped to inspire the ‘Blessing of the Animals’ services with her book. The symbol of the ‘Love for Animals’ depicting a heart of love has been trademarked and registered so a permanent impact will remain for all those animals who cannot speak for themselves. With the goal of having this effort recognized, this keepsake prayer book is filled with inspirational quotes and meaningful prayers to provide comfort, reflection and daily reminders that animals are no different than us, they also need love, hope and charity.

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