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Gents with No Cents: A Closer Look at Wall Street

Genre: Finances

Gents with No Cents explores a rarely examined side of Wall Street: Its childish antics. From accountants that can't count to financial regulators that don't regulate, this book will make you howl with laughter at their incompetence.

Written by Ron DeLegge II, host of the Index Investing Show, Gents with No Cents is narrated in an easy going style with sharp satire throughout and 20 hand-drawn illustrations by veteran cartoonist, Dave Clegg.

DeLegge draws from his personal experiences as a Wall Street salesperson with crazy supervisors and even crazier customers. He offers a refreshing perspective that's opposite of the angry and condescending tone of financial literature that has come to characterize our era. Gents with No Cents also pokes fun at taxes and the IRS, along with the media for misreporting the news, inventing questionable facts, and contributing to the public's confusion.

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Ron DeLegge II

Ron DeLegge II is the inventor of the Portfolio Report Card grading system, which has been used to diagnose over $200 million in investment portfolios. DeLegge is also the host of the Index Investing Show, founder of, and an outside contributor to Financial Advisor Magazine.

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