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Habits of the Investing Greats: 26 Proven Tactics for Achieving the Financial Results You Want

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Investing is an exercise based upon constant failure and disappointment, drenched with mental distractions, obsessions, worries, manias, and even superstitions. It’s an exercise that should have positive results, but far too often doesn’t.

Who are the investing greats? What factors have contributed to their enviable results? And how can you imitate them? Habits of the Investing Greats provides all these answers and more by examining 26 habits that can transform the way you save and invest.

This book will teach you how to:

•Identify the habits that are your strengths and weaknesses •Escape self-destructive behavior that demolishes wealth •Control your mindset and daily regimen for making the right moves •Mimic proven strategies used by legendary investors •Protect your investments and retirement money from distracting noise •Unlearn the behavioral patterns that limit your potential •Increase your odds of achieving financial independence •Reprogram your thinking from loser to winner •Instill confidence in your ability to make money in any market climate •Improve your overall investment results

Habits of the Investing Greats contains 16 illustrations of "investing greats" and a self-exam of your habits. This book will change the way you save and invest for the better!

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Ron DeLegge II

Ron DeLegge II is the inventor of the Portfolio Report Card grading system, which has been used to diagnose over $200 million in investment portfolios. DeLegge is also the host of the Index Investing Show, founder of, and an outside contributor to Financial Advisor Magazine.

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