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Painless Parenting

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Stacie LeBlanc, JD, MEd. - Dr. Stacey Patton - Dr. Ellie Wetsman

Stacie LeBlanc is the co-founder of The Up Institute and serves as the Vice President of APSAC. She is a passionate advocate for children and an attorney with a Masters in Early Childhood Education. After 29 year of responding to child abuse as a supervising prosecutor with a 94% conviction rate and as an executive director of two child abuse non-profits, the New Orleans Children’s Advocacy Center and the Audrey Hepburn CARE Center, Stacie moved upstream to solve child abuse providing consultation and training. She has created sought after programs including Beyond Mandatory Reporting; Dear Parents; Teens, Sex, and the Law; and Painless Parenting. Stacie has provided over 750 interactive training for more than 53,500 individuals focused on translating research into successful practice. Stacie has published books for families and articles on the benefits, evaluation, and implementation of No Hit Zones. Stacie chairs the National No Hit Zone Committee for the National Initiative to End Corporal Punishment and serves on the National Review Board for the US Catholic Bishops. She has received numerous honors including Outstanding Prosecutor Award, FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award and Champion for Children for successfully passing 11 legislative bills. Beyond family and pets, Stacie’s greatest joy is inspiring undergraduates with a highly-rated ACEs CAST course at Tulane University.

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