All In God’s Perfect Timing

Genre: Inspirational

An unforgettable memoir about a woman’s struggle to save her marriage of 28 years. She struggled with being a submissive wife at all costs, while honoring her vows. The more she fought to honor her vows, the tighter the noose. She was submissive in every way until she realized her submissiveness was silently killer her children, family and herself. She fought through marriage and ultimately through divorce. She had normalized behavior that she thought was normal behavior. Imagin intentionally planning to undermine your husband, father of your children, the love of your life to save and protect your children. It was the most difficult decision she ever could make. She lost who she was in the process. She couldn’t think about herself, her needs or wants – that became too painful to face. The only thing she could think of was her children’s mental and emotional state of mind. Through prayer and counseling, God revealed to her the perfect plan to pull her through. It had to be meticulous because he would fight her, and she knew this. The demise of the marriage and her way out had to be by his doing for her to be totally free.

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All In God’s Perfect Timing

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Corlissa Larry-Jacobs

Corlissa Larry-Jacobs is an accomplished author, bringing a wealth of nursing experience and expertise to her captivating works. With over 19 years of experience as a registered nurse at Advent Health Hospital of Tampa, Corlissa specializes in management leadership, med-surg, pulmonary, GI- GU, and longterm skilled nursing. While her nursing career is inspiring on its own, Corlissa’s dedication to giving back to the community sets her apart. As the owner and operator of RN Consult, she extends her medical knowledge to offer invaluable advice and education on mental health, physical wellness, and psychological issues. This platform allows her to empower others and contribute to their overall well-being Family plays a significant role in Corlissa’s life. A proud mother of five - Delaine, Tiffany, Marcus Jr., Marcayla, and Marcellus - she embraces the joys and challenges that come with motherhood. Furthermore, being a Nana to Javian, Nazier, Nandi, and Nuri brings immense joy and fulfillment to her life. In addition to her professional success and family commitments, Corlissa is an active member of her community through her involvement at New Hope M.B. Church in Tampa, Florida. She shares her knowledge and compassion as a Sunday school teacher, choir member, healthcare minister, and youth counselor, nurturing not only physical health but also spiritual and personal growth. Education is a lifelong pursuit for Corlissa. She graduated from Hillsborough Community College of Nursing and is currently engaged in further studies to enhance her expertise and contribute more profoundly in her field. Beyond her accomplishments, Corlissa finds solace and relaxation in her artistic endeavors. She indulges her passion for singing, dancing, and exploring the world through travel. Yet, the most cherished moments are those spent with her loved ones creating lifelong memories and celebrating the bonds of family and friendship. Corlissa believes that every aspect of life unfolds in its perfect timing, guided by a higher power. Through her remarkable journey as a teenage mom, and formerly a wife in an emotionally abusive marriage, she aspires to touch the hearts of her readers, making a positive impact on their lives with her words and stories.

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