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Edward Oliver

About the Author


Edward Oliver was born in 1946, first of the post-war “baby boomers” to witness the rise of modern society out of the ashes of WWII. As a child, he was taught by his teachers in elementary school that when he grew up, computers would increase human productivity to the point that, unlike his father who slaved 40 hours a week in a factory, he would only have to work 10 hours a week to support his family. He was promised that the medical technologies responsible for the revolutionary new 1953 polio vaccine would soon produce a disease-free world for him. He would live in the perfect human society where his biggest problem would be trying to find something to do with all his free time. Such was the promise of liberal academia, educating the children of today for the utopian world of tomorrow. But the dreams of the liberal idealists all failed to come true, and the real world of God and His nature would prove to be the only real determiner of the destiny of human society.

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