Employed for Life "When Can You Start?"

Genre: Self Help

Employed for Life takes you on a journey of discovery that—once you realize Who your true employer is—will allow you to identify and thrive in the workplace. Whether you are currently unemployed, under-employed, unhappily employed, or simply looking for growth and success in your work-life, the spiritual principles and extremely practical how-to tips in this book are guaranteed to get you unstuck and on the road to true fulfillment in your work. The best news is that your Boss (and Heavenly Father) has already gone before you to prepare your place in His organization and He is eager to get you started!

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Employed for Life "When Can You Start?"

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Barb Rarden

Barb Rarden has spent her career in the field of employment and organization development. Her background includes employment management, executive search, outplacement counseling, executive coaching, corporate training and university career services management. Her study of the Word of God and more than two decades of ministry to Christian workers, in combination with her professional experience, has resulted in a profound understanding of God’s plans and intentions for job seekers and a powerful, Holy Spirit-inspired processes for success in the workplace. It is God’s desire that job seekers not only survive but thrive in the job search process. The guidance her books offer to Christian workers will transform their work-lives and empower them to be a blessing wherever they are assigned. This message is now being shared across the globe as the Employed for Life book has now been translated into Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and Dutch. Barb regularly speaks and trains at conferences and provides coaching to pastors and ministries, in addition to writing and blogging. She can be reached through the Employed for Life webpage or her ministry Facebook page.

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