Fasting Treasures & Prayer Freedom

Fasting is healing to the body and prayer is therapeutic to the soul. The discovery of invaluable treasures and new levels of freedom are only two of the numerous and powerful benefits of fasting and prayer. Delve into this informative guidebook and experience firsthand the ancient and time-tested secret of renewal and regeneration of the body, spirit, and soul. When you fast, be cautious. Use wisdom in your fast selection. Listed in this guidebook are several options, and many do’s and don’ts of fasting.

Information on proper fast breaking, particularly for extended fast, must be given attention. After a Complete/Absolute Long Fast (three to seven days and nights or longer), one must be careful how such a fast is broken. When you fast, be prepared. Before you fast, be prepared. While fasting, and particularly in the case of Absolute/Long Fasts, your preparation will be tested. Even the novice who fasts for an entire day won’t be exempted from the common pitfalls associated with the fast and prayer sacrifice. This is where “Fasting Treasures & Prayer Freedom” comes in as an indispensable aid to all fast and prayer practitioners. Helpful advice, the authors novice mistakes, testimonies, the wrestling of the flesh, overcoming the carnality of the flesh, and a wealth of pertinent information will be found within the pages of “Fasting Treasures & Prayer Freedom.” This cornucopia of comprehensive fasting and prayer guidance will most certainly demystify the process and clear obstacles to successful fasting, healing many wounded spirits along the way. “Fasting Treasures and Prayer Freedom” is a unique treasure trove of information that will elevate the spirit and soothe the soul. This book has been described as ‘a delicious banquet of spiritual delicacies.’ Most importantly, this is a book that will enlighten the hearts of readers about the wonderful love and mercies of G

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Fasting Treasures & Prayer Freedom

Bree Theodore
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Bree Theodore

Bree is a multi-talented individual with diverse experience in various fields. Her career includes customer service, sales and marketing, management, radio broadcasting, public speaking, and entrepreneurship. In her leisure time, Bree enjoys reading, writing, taking quiet walks, and spending time on the beach. Having been born and raised in the Caribbean, the beach holds a special place in her heart. As a devoted follower of Jesus and child of God, Bree finds great pleasure in sharing the good news of salvation and the love of a merciful Savior. She has a gift for listening and connecting with people, and her compassionate nature has helped countless individuals in times of despair. Bree’s innate ability to counsel and provide support has made her a beacon of hope for many. Her first book, “Fasting Treasures & Prayer Freedom,” is a testament to her passion for helping others and her deep commitment to her faith. Fasting Treasures & Prayer Freedom is her first Book.

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