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Our Choices on the Road of Life

Genre: Self Help

We all make choices on this road called “life.” We make choices in our personal lives. We make choices in our professional lives. We make choices when encountering adversity. We make choices that reflect our character. We make choices that echo our feelings, attitude, motivation, and perspective. We make choices that form habits, good and bad. We make choices that shape our careers. We make choices about how to lead. We make choices that turn out to be mistakes. We make choices that turn out to be perfect, life-altering decisions. We are the sum of our choices. The choices you make will determine your future. Six chapters… six topics… six CHOICES: Choose to embrace and manage adversity in a way that helps you surpass (not just meet) your life goals. Choose to make self-development a priority and, in turn, change the trajectory of your life. Choose to uphold impeccable character. Choose to have an ownership mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit; you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to think and act like one. Choose to lead others in a way that will change their life, and yours. Choose to build your life’s identity on good, productive habits and ditch the ones getting in your way.

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Amanda Jo Erven

Amanda “Jo” Erven is an internal audit strategist, continuing professional education trainer, higher education professor, keynote speaker as well as author.

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