“Good Stuff - The Tony Belskis Story”

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The biography of longtime musician Tony Belskis of Lakeland, FL, originally from Rumford, ME and the journey through his life and music. Vande Sompel shares the many stories that Tony has accumulated over the years and writes: “Tony Belskis discovered the secret of life early on in his life that began in small town Rumford, Maine. For 6 decades this relatively unknown musician earned himself a P.H.D. in life! And in the pages of this novel, he recounts and shares the events of his life and explains how he discovered the secret of life. Tony’s is the story of a life well lived and the chapters that follow will provide you with the opportunity to learn what he experienced.”

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“Good Stuff - The Tony Belskis Story”

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Tony Belskis

Tony Belskis was born and raised in the small, quaint town of Rumford, Maine. He now lives in sunny Lakeland, FL with his wife Jennifer. He is the proud Dad of two grown daughters, Tricia and Britny, and has two grandkids, Jayson and Delaney. A musician of 60 years, he has played in numerous bands in Maine and Florida. His current band is “Good Stuff” in which he plays guitar and sings along with his wife Jen and daughter Trish, performing throughout Central Florida, and occasionally back in his hometown in Maine. When he’s not playing music, he enjoys spending time with his family, especially his grandkids, and watching all of his favorite Boston/New England sports teams.

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