Self-Publishing a Book With A & A

Self-Publishing A Book

You are in the right place if you are a best selling published author looking at your options, first time author, author looking to get away from Amazon or vanity publishers, or just simply have a question. Besides just simply being better, we will actually answer your questions and work with you to succeed. We won’t hold you to any ridiculous contracts or take you hostage through your book like many competitors. While many places like to trick you with hidden fees and nickle and dime you to death, we believe in transparency and customer service. We have over 40 years experience in book printing and self publishing. Let our experience and commitment to quality and project deadlines work for. NOBODY beats our combination of quality, service, price, reliability, and turnaround time. We have been performing miracles for almost half a decade.

Use Our Self-Publishing Guide

If you’re self-publishing a book, our 40+ years of experience makes us one of the best self-publishing companies for you. Also, unlike other self-publishing companies, we offer online and personal phone support to make the experience of publishing a book pleasant and hassle-free! So, let’s get you started! Read our “How To Self-Publishing Guide.” Then, let us know how we can help you!

   Self-Publishing Guide

Trustworthy & Transparent

Many self-publishing companies cheat authors with unfair contracts, hidden fees and low royalty payments. We’re transparent and promise that you’ll keep 80% of the money from your book sales. There are no nasty surprises or legal contracts designed to trick you. Honesty benefits both of us. You’ll have peace of mind and we’ll have a happy customer who might return later or refer friends to us!

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Creating Your Book

If you want to self-publish books, we can help you create your book, we offer ghostwriting servicesauthor website servicesbook cover design servicesISBN servicespromotional copy services, and more. For book covers, you can design them yourself and submit them to us (we’ll also have a self-service book cover maker soon), or one of our designers can design it for you. For the other services listed above, you can do them yourself, outsource them to us or do a bit of both. Customizing our services to meet your needs means that we can help you self-publish books quicker and more efficiently! If you are looking for a self publishing quote you can get a quote here.

Online Book Printing Services,
On-Demand Printing & More!

Once you’ve written your book with us, we’ll print it for you! Our online book printing services are flexible and highly customized to meet any of your online book printing needs. If you self-publish books in color, black and white or a mix of both, we’ll print it exactly how you want it! If you self-publish books in a variety of sizes, we will print them in the sizes you want too. If traditional book printing services aren’t for you, you can take advantage of our e-book publishing services! Unlike most self-publishing companies, we also do on demand printing…so you don’t have to purchase hundreds of books at once to benefit from our cheap printing services.

Self-Publishing Books & E-Book Publishing

If you’re self-publishing a book, we’ll do e-book publishing for you, print publishing or both! Also, on our site, you can apply for an ISBN number for your book too! You can self-publish books without an ISBN number, but we don’t advise it. Without an ISBN number, large retailers like Barnes & Noble and Amazon won’t be able to sell your books, and many smaller and mid-sized retailers won’t either.

Book Marketing & Sales

The ugly truth is not every book will sell. They are kind of like houses. The best houses will always have a buyer, but some houses need work before they become attractive. Your book may need a new cover, serious editing help, or just a better marketing plan.

The problem today is authors think that Amazon is their only option. While Amazon works for some, it isn’t designed for everyone. Amazon is better for larger publishers looking to dump their entire collection onto one commercial site and have them do all the work. They suck others in with promises and ultimately just lock them up into a monthly Amazon Prime subscription. And what do they offer in return? The truth is not much. Amazon grew their publishing dominance by starting years ago and now exploiting the eBook market with self made algorithms to pick and choose who they make Best Sellers. Most authors mistake being an Amazon Best Selling Author label with a Oprah’s Top Author label. The truth is Amazon tricks you there and then does little to promote and advance you from there. Don’t believe me. Type in Amazon Best Selling Author in Google and see how many people pop up. So what now?

If you have written a good book, edited it, designed a good looking cover, own the ISBN number, and have a target market and or a large following of people, you should be able to market your book. Even authors published by a major publishing house need to do their own book promoting and marketing. Currently as we sit here in troubled times of a pandemic, the number one way books are selling is direct to consumer. Even the simplest of web sites with a shopping cart can get your book to a buyer of your book. The good news is we offer author web sites that rival Amazon’s. Authors can sell there books and eBooks from our site directly to their buyers. Why are we better? First of all we offer the ability to create your own domain name which directs to your author page. More importantly we offer 100% royalties on every book sold. We know it’s hard to make money in this industry, so our marketing strategy is to not take a cut like all the other middle men do in the industry.

If you have any questions, we are here for you anytime. The better the book and the bigger the following, the more we can do. Contact us any time if you’d like to ask us any questions and get a marketing evaluation.