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M. M. Angelo

About the Author

My earlier career comprised of working as a Market and Competitive Intelligence Manager and Director within marketing organizations of small to large high-tech companies and various vertical industries. Thus, research, writing, reporting for key executives and leadership teams to assist in their strategic decision-making became my passion. During my latter 16 years with 8---layoffs, buyouts and down-sizings, my entrepreneurial spirit took over - I've owned and operated several businesses.

I previously lived near my family in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire and completed my Master's Degree from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A software development company relocated me in 1999, where I've remained in the beautiful state of North Carolina and married in 2003.

...Canadian born,

I retained my native tongue and have been a United States citizen for over forty years. Growing up I'd frequently hear the stories my dad would tell me about the Negro Baseball players. My dad, born and raised in Canada, truly loved playing with the Negro Baseball Teams when they traveled and barnstormed their way through Canada's countryside. Many of the Negro League and Canadian teams sat and talked in diners or in the fields where they played. There was no segregation there, racial hatred or tensions----just good, competitive games. I want to share Larry's biography with the world, as his story stirred my soul, I hope it will do so for you, the reader. Larry's story really touched me the day I met him and as I progressed through the interviews, what emerged was a stream of emotions, injustices, disappointments, shocking events and laughter. It's proven to be a very interesting, enlightening and educational accumulation of knowledge and I'm grateful to Larry for having shared his life with me.

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