What Is Print On Demand

The A & A Printing Self Publishing Guide

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2) Where are your price breaks?

To answer this question, let me first explain the current Print On Demand ( POD) landscape. POD is basically printing one book at a time, typically as they are ordered. This means that you pay a higher unit price for each book, plus you typically give royalties away as they sell. Typical POD printers set it up this way to make money for themselves. The system is not set up for your book to be profitable. So to answer the question, our price breaks occur as the quantity increases. Our biggest price break is the jump from 50 to 100 books. At 100 books, an author can obtain a very profitable unit price per book. We print all the way up to 10,000 books for various levels of success and well strategized marketing plans. The unit price will continue to drastically fall as you get into larger quantities, which can even be at a 500 book quantity. This is unlike typical POD’s, whose unit price stays the same regardless of quantity ordered or sold. Learn more about our Print On Demand Services.

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