How To Sell My Book

The A & A Printing Self Publishing Guide

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7) Can you help me sell my books?

Through our Author Web Pages and bookstore, we give authors the chance to sell their books for a much larger profit than anywhere else. Authors need to be willing to promote their own book though and there never will be one marketing plan that works for everybody. It’s not that easy. The difference with us is that we actually care. You can talk to us on the phone, and we do have marketing options that can help authors come up with an effective marketing plans and sell books. Any POD or vanity publisher that says they have one marketing plan for everyone is lying. You can’t tell the same author that has written a terrible, unedited book that they will sell as many books as Mark Twain did. And he self published, and somehow managed to do it without Amazon or anybody else. We can help SOME authors sell a lot of books. If we recognize that a book needs a lot of work, we aren’t going to falsely claim to make it a worldwide best seller, but instead help try to fix it to make it a much better book. And in the end, that would be the only chance of ever getting published anyways. Get an Author Webpage and more information on how we can help Market your Book.

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