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The A & A Printing Self Publishing Guide

Thanks for reading our how to self publishing guide. The questions in our guide will help you choose the right partner in self publishing your book. Click the button below to go to the next question and answer. If you missed one click the back button to see the previous step.

11) Do you offer any incentives like free books or no over/under charges?

We definitely do. While most POD’s barely offer many books in the first place even with their most expensive packages, we believe in doing whatever we can do to prove we are the best book printer out there. Our standard monthly free book special typically gives an author twice as many free books as most packages give in total. We also can waive the industry standard over/under policy, thus giving you free books that we would normally be technically allowed to charge for. Most printers and POD’s would never dream of doing this. Learn more about our Promotional Book Copies.

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