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In Volume Two, you will read about how Mark found MMS in detail and what it did for himself, his family and how the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing was established in 2010. You will follow this wonderful story and read testimonies and many amazing things that Mark, his sons and those that were trained in the G2Church Sacraments were able to do around the world with this miracle from God! The book starts with the year 2006 when and how Mark found this miracle mineral and continues until 2014. So much has happened during these years that it had to be put in book form and not all is in the book but the highlights are covered. In Volume Three, Mark takes us from 2015 to 2020, the year HEAVY persecution came against the Genesis II Church to silence them as frauds! The first documentary Mark did wasn’t completed until 2016 but it is included here in the description to get everyone “caught up”to what was happening in the world health-wise then. Included here is also a new documentary that came out in February 2021 which is important for all to have and share!

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Book Title: Imagine, A World Without DIS-EASE - Is It Possible? Author Name: Mark S. Grenon Description of the book: This book covers the following topics and much more! • What is the “dis-ease” of the body? • Why is the body dis-eased? • How to stop the body from being dis-eased? • The history of “western medicine that will open your eyes and hopefully motivate MANY to start to do something about it! • Who were the keys players in developing vaccines and pharmaceuticals? • Real written and video testimonies of REAL people with restored health from illnesses! • How to “restore health” by practicing self-care - NOT healthcare. • What toxins are doing to the body’s systems. • How the body was designed to work from “the pie hole to the butt hole”. • Why NOT to trust most doctors. • Should we be afraid of cancer? • How important is a clean liver? • G2Voice broadcasts covering 40+ common illnesses and the protocols to use to treat them. • Genesis II Church’s 10 Sacramental commandments for “restoring health”. • How to join us in our world ministry to create “A World Without DIS-EASE”.

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Volume Three picks up where Volume Two stopped in the year 2015 to 2020.

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