Sarasota Sunrise

Genre: Mystery

MURDER IS BACK IN FASHION … A fashion shoot on the powdery beaches of Southwest Florida goes awry when a supermodel is found dead in her penthouse suite at the Ritz-Carlton. Chief suspect – ex-boyfriend and renowned designer, Dodge Maddison. But there are others: a new lover; a devious business partner; a bloodthirsty model; an ambitious photographer; and a mysterious designer – all with one thing in common – an uncontrollable lust for fame and fortune. Call to the rescue is best friend Ben Benson, chief of police of Dodge’s small hometown outside Boston. Big Ben’s no nonsense, bull-in-the-china-shop method of investigation promises to flush out the real killer and bring a quick resolve. Instead, he finds some treacherous goings-on in the fashion world; simmering rivalries, deadly jealousies and ruthless power plays for control of a multi-million dollar enterprise. And with more murder on the horizon, Big Ben cannot help but wonder if his best friend isn’t designing it all.

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Sarasota Sunrise

Perfect Bound
Interior Ink
6.0" X 9.0"
Author's Corner
Main donn fleming

Donn Fleming

When a successful career in the New York City fashion industry ceased to fulfill his dream, Donn Fleming became a renegade from corporate America and fled to Key West. He opened a boutique on Duval Street and settled into his new life-style. Eventually however, his life-long penchant for telling stories overpowered his entrepreneurial desire and he now focuses on his writing. Donn has also lived in Boston, L.A., Miami, and London and currently splits his time between New England and Southern Florida, happily bartending and passionately writing.

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