Peripheral Nerve Blocks and Ultrasound Guidance for Anesthesia Providers

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It was constructed on the premise that to truly understand the full context of regional anesthesia, the fundamentals of nerve blocks should be explained first. Only then can a provider extend their reach into advanced techniques. The format is a simple head to toe approach, and you’ll find that the material is concise and manageable. It has taken years to compile data and sources, collect images and edit its content. Combining this content with the advances of the iPad only adds to the learning experience and augments this text to become a tool that can easily be used for personal of teaching purposes. I cur- rently use this information in courses I teach through Twin Oaks Anesthesia Services. This content is overwhelmingly evidence based, and very little is opinion. It is meant to be used as an adjunct to your primary anesthesia education and not as your sole source for practice.

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Peripheral Nerve Blocks and Ultrasound Guidance for Anesthesia Providers

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Jonathan Kline

Jonathan P. Kline, CRNA, M.S.N.A. is the director of education at Twin Oaks Anesthesia Services, founded by he and Deanna L. Kline, CRNA, DNP. As his career progressed, his passion for administering and teaching peripheral nerve blocks, and later ultrasound guidance, grew. He originally began teaching colleagues and students but noticed that techniques and technology were growing at an incredible rate, and began lecturing. He developed a two-course training method where participants could learn all the fundamentals of peripheral nerve blocks the first day, then return the second day to learn how to apply that foundation to ultrasound guidance. This allows for a comprehensive learning experience to participants.

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