Covid-19 Vaccines and Induced Anaphylaxis

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This is the first book written by John Lukach, international best-selling author of What Now? Recovering From A Tragic Mistake.

The most important point made in this book is also the easiest to miss. I originally published this work under the covert title "Curious Start the Conversation" on Amazon. Since then, Amazon has repeatedly tried to ban and remove it, because the work of one Nobel Prize winning French physiologist completely destroys the entire premise of how vaccines are supposed to work. This is information you are not supposed to know, for if you did you would never allow yourself or your children to be given any vaccine of any kind.

Every vaccine installs a potentially lethal anaphylactic trigger! And once those triggers are installed and recorded, they can be activated.

Covid-19 and all related variants are fictitious illnesses. "Covid" is a catch-all term that really refers to vaccine injury. All covid vaccine related adverse reactions, serious injuries, and even deaths are caused by a hematological blood disorder that is deliberately introduced with every toxic shot.

All vaccine injuries are examples of anaphylaxis.

"It is impossible to fix a problem if you cannot be clear about what that problem is. -J.E. Lukach

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Covid-19 Vaccines and Induced Anaphylaxis

J.E Lukach
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J.E. Lukach

I am not a doctor, virologist, microbiologist, scientist, etc. Many will use this against me, but this book was written with the help of many such people. My formal educational background and professional work experience is in business, but my lifelong pursuit to expand my knowledge in countless other areas that interest me has resulted in an extra ordinary ability that I possess and frequently use. Put bluntly, I am a multidisciplinary savant that can find the folly in anything. I have invested two entire years of my life chronologically documenting events and doing intensive medical research to get to the bottom of a scandalous pandemic health crisis and the "solutions" put forward to address it. The result of this work was two books and well over 500 articles, cumulatively thousands of pages of investigative reporting. This effort is on display for all to see on my blog page: , an old business website that has provided censorship cover for my work. What I present here may sound erudite to some, and who knows, maybe it is, but to me, it is simple logic. Following it doesn’t require that anyone have any specialized knowledge of specialized fields. It just helps when you have to confront people that do.

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