In the bustling environment of the digital world there has been a disintegration of the values and principles that created our great society. Our children need guidance and support as they become valued citizens, and yet we have caved to the media, the cell phone, and social media to mentor our children on what is right, or what is wrong. Thus, our children in many ways are being misled. We need to get back to the positive parental modeling of values and principles that create a nurturing culture as we interact with each other.This book, on a limited basis, defines some historically valued principles of life, and allows the reader to reflect on values that might enhance their life, the career and their interaction with those around them. This book challenges the reader to examine what values they hold dear, and what other values they may have mistakenly shed with the growth of the digital world.Are you a valued person in the community based upon your demonstration of numerous positive values and principles? Or are you just existing, and “holding a place” amongst the masses, hoping to slide by with a bland existence in an ever-changing world. Grab hold of the life you have been given. Invest in those principles that will lend to a positive lifestyle, and share them with those around you. You will be more blessed than you ever realized. Only then will you recognize the Value of Being. In his writings, Dr. David Pizarro brings 42 years of professional educational experience to the forefront as he focuses on thought provoking reflection on the current values and principles in our society. After obtaining his educational doctorate, with a minor in psychology, he served at a variety of educational institutions as a teacher, consultant and mentor. During his career he was recognized for his special ability to connect with his colleagues, as well as students of all ages. Dr. Pizarro thanks his parents for being strong models of positive values and principles, many of which he has chosen to share with the reader at this time.

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The Value of Being

Dr. David C. Pizarro, Ed.D.
Interior Ink
6.0" X 9.0"
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David C. Pizarro, Ed. D.

Dr. David C. Pizarro, Ed.D.

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