Into the Stars: Book One of The Rise of the Republic

The stars are within mankind's reach...but what awaits in the void may end humanity. Mars and the Moon have been colonized, piracy runs rampant in the asteroid belts, and a thriving society grows in the depths of space. Humanity prepares to embark upon its greatest journey - the colonization of Alpha Centauri. Then everything changes… A deep space reconnaissance probe discovers a new Earth-like planet twelve light-years from Earth's sun. The probe also finds something unusual, something ...unnerving. A new mission is created, a space fleet is formed, and humanity embarks on unraveling the greatest mystery of the origins of life itself. Can the factions of Earth remain united, or will old rivalries and animosities destroy the fragile peace in the face of this terrifying existential threat? Will exploration prove to be a fatal mistake? If you love new technologies, fast-paced action and gut-wrenching turns of fate, you'll love this first book in James Rosone's military sci-fi series, The Rise of the Republic. Grab your copy of this page-turner today.

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Into the Stars: Book One of The Rise of the Republic

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James Rosone & Miranda Watson

James Rosone & Miranda Watson are independent fiction authors. With the release of the military sci-fi book, Into The Stars, the writing duo has now penned 20 books between them. Their previous works fall under the category of Military Thrillers, and include the World War III series, Red Storm series, & Falling Empire series.

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