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These Children’s stories are A picture of Tenderness and Truth on display- healing The Image of God for all who see and read these stories. Every Mother needs encouragement about how to bless the spirit of a child. Every child needs to know what a Holy Spirit filled Mother looks like. Is she comforting? TeAching? Exhorting/ Disciplining with Kindness and Grace? Mothers introduce their children to the Gentle Grace of Holy Spirit. They Build bridges of Trust helping their kids connect with God’s Love and His good plans. These Bible stories shared between mother/ daughter/ grandmother ( Nana) will open up discussions about The Kingdom of God; what it means to be made in God’s Image and how to Love our God Design.

Activities and “ Selah” moments make this book a perfect Curriculum to address our deepest needs- to know Who we are and Why God created us. What is our Destiny in Jesus Christ? We can grow Strong and courageous like Jesus! As we understand His Design for us. We Serve, Speak the Truth in Love just like Jesus. We are Becoming His Children, Full of Wisdom, Hope, resiliency and Light! These stories are an extension of the family devotional guide- Kingdom Conversations- they go hand in Hand. May you See Your Children in His Light and speak to them through His heart. God wants His Kids to be Whole hearted- fully healed and Restored. ( not slightly healed) These Stories, shared with different ethnic artwork are the same for all children. We are trying to help all children to LOVE THEIR GOD DESIGN. To love The Creator Designer, to Love all the ones He has made. Loving themselves; seeing themselves as sacred. Gifted! Worthy and Valued- made in the Image of God!

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Nancy Conwell

Nancy Conwell is a farm girl who met Jesus as her best friend when she was 12 years old. He kept her heart safe through many dangers toils and snares. She was introduced early to the idea of “ experiencing God”personally. She Loves Children’s “farm days”; where worship, singing, nutrition, art, and Bible are combined for a fun family gathering. She helps facilitate spiritual retreats for many families. She married a wonderful man , Don Conwell 42 years ago, having met at at a Christian University( ORU) . Nancy studied Physiology while Don majored in Business and law. ( at Notre Dame) When they were first doing the “marriage and family thing”, they were quite confident that their Intellect and “wits” would provide all they needed for success. But then God used their kids and lots of tests to show them the much bigger picture; the need for emotionally healthy spirituality!

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