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Nancy Conwell is a farm girl who met Jesus as her best friend when she was 12 years old. He kept her heart safe through many dangers toils and snares. She was introduced early to the idea of “ experiencing God”personally. She Loves Children’s “farm days”; where worship, singing, nutrition, art, and Bible are combined for a fun family gathering. She helps facilitate spiritual retreats for many families. She married a wonderful man , Don Conwell 42 years ago, having met at at a Christian University( ORU) . Nancy studied Physiology while Don majored in Business and law. ( at Notre Dame) When they were first doing the “marriage and family thing”, they were quite confident that their Intellect and “wits” would provide all they needed for success. But then God used their kids and lots of tests to show them the much bigger picture; the need for emotionally healthy spirituality!

( Thank God for those Firey trials producing eternal riches!). They needed so much More Wisdom and revelation from God if true Peace would reign in their home. These books come from the heart - she wants parents to learn God’s New and Living Way! How to slow down and enjoy the people ( Gifts ) God has given you. ( Nancy’s new book, “ Church Work Almost Killed Me.” is underway!) They have 4 children, 5 grandchildren who bring color and wonder to their lives. 10 ducks, 8 cows and lots of adopted loved ones (who are “ Love bonded” with them at Shiloh have added their irreplaceable Joy to Nancy and Don. Growing healing medicinal herbs.. teas, is a Delight to her farmer soul. She also helps young women find freedom in Jesus using stain glass artwork and soaking prophetic ( Truth loving) worship at the Piano. She and Don sing and play instruments together.. a real family band. Nancy is a note taker! She send lots of smiley sketches for her skilled graphic artists to use. She is an avid student.. journaling wisdom from many seminars and conferences, and especially writing down insights from The “Father of Light”. For 25 years she has been hosting weddings in their home counseling many couples- passing along along the exercises and Tips that she found most helpful. Finally she has put some of those exercises into a book! ( Kingdom Conversations) Well aware of the time constraints and the pressures that young families face, She uses “ Neurotheology” and a panoramic View of God’s 7 Fold majesty to open up meaningful conversations about The Lord. She prays a lot for this generation that seems securely attached to media and entertainment. She asks” How are we really going to help our children know and believe; trusting God wholeheartedly unless they experience God With us??” Families can explore God together! That Discipline becomes The Key to Relational Joy! Nancy welcomes your questions at her email- Or Message her on FB - Nancy W Conwell . You may hear here teaching at or at You can find lots of videos on You tube that help further explain the belief that every person has the capacity to cultivate maturity in All 7 portions of their spirit. Made in the Image of God.. for the Glory of God. Destined to reflect His Likeness. Her Children’s Stories are designed to spark the ideas about Holy Spirit as our “true mother”. Seeing the Joy of relationship between Nana and Gracie, she is hoping for many bright Rainbow Conversations to spark. (the Rainbow, one of God’s artistic 7’s adding dimension and depth to discussions about our destiny in Christ . ) Hoping to bless many Kingdom Minded Families!

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