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The A & A Printing Self Publishing Guide

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16) Do you offer any marketing help?

The first job of an author is, of course, to write great books, but how do I sell them? This is where we can help.

Traditional publisher won’t help you, but we are not traditional. We probably won’t offer you a book tour and we won’t leave the sales of your book to word of mouth. So what’s left? Here is how we get your book the audience – and sales – it deserves?

Here’s what we do to market your book.

  • Target we will help you target the market that who will read your book. There are some exceptions, but most authors think that everyone in the world will want to read their book. Get over that, and focus on who really will read your book. We will help you create and reach your community.
  • Reach your target we will find where your community hangs out and market your book. The idea is we will market to your community where they live, and read.
  • Action We will talk it up, and then talk it up some more. We will reach your community through social media, blogging, reviews, email marketing SEO, Pay-Per-Click ads and more. The marketing mix and content we use will be specific to your book and community.

Marketing and selling a book is a long-distance run, not a sprint. Don’t focus on the finish line of the publication date – that’s only the beginning of your journey to make your book count.

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