If God has ever given you a promise and you have yet to see it come to pass this book is for you. This book is for the child of God who secretly questions in the midst of their dying circumstance, “Where is Jesus Now?” as Mary and Martha did as they sat in God’s waiting room for three days staring at a dead corpse. It’s a book for those who have loved God through great disappointment and trusted when you could not always understand.

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God Has A Waiting Room

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Kim Haney

Kim Haney has worked in many areas of ministry and is the pastor’s wife of Christian Life Center in Stockton, California. She currently presides as director of Women’s Ministry at Christian life Center, instructor at Christian Life College, hosts several ladies conferences and gatherings each year, speaks at various women’s events, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Christian Life College, and has authored four books. Kim is a devoted wife to her husband Nathaniel and “most of all” the other of five children, four girls and one boy.

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