The Contemplative Mind Thoughts & Reflections of an Isolated Man

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The Contemplative Mind Thoughts & Reflections of an Isolated Man

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Eduardo Cordoba

My name is Eduardo David Cordoba, I’m a husband, father and a concerned first generation American. Both my parents emigrated to America in the mid-1960’s. My mother is from Cuba and my father is from Costa Rica. I was born in Los Angeles, California, but I was raised in Tampa, Florida where I reside with my wife and two teenage sons. My fondest childhood memories were of the dinner table because that is where I would listen to all the stories that my mother and father would share about their childhood, the good and the bad. Many of those stories were heartbreaking, emotional, and sobering, but those stories played a big role in my life. In fact, their stories and experiences humbled me and allowed me to appreciate life. They taught me to never take my country and family for granted. My grandfather from my mother’s side risked his life to bring his wife and six children to America. He didn't want his children to grow up in a Communist dictatorship, so they fled with only the clothes on their back and a little money in their pockets. My father was the second youngest of 9 children who grew up in third world poverty with no father, only a strong mother who did the best she could to raise them. His older sibling thought that it would be best to move to America where they can start a new life and that's exactly what they did. I wish I could write down all my degrees and accolades that I have obtained throughout my life, but the fact of the matter is, I have none. I don’t have an associate, bachelors, master’s, or PhD. I’m a high school dropout that often feels inadequate. But 15 years ago, I was given a strong desire to educate myself. I had the privilege to read over three hundred books, listen to hundreds of lectures, monologues, dialogues, and debates. I’ve spent countless hours researching and contemplating on the most important things in life. I’ve also had the privilege to accomplish one of my long-term goals which is to write and publish my own book. I hope this book educates, encourages, edifies everyone who reads it but most importantly, I hope this book sparks conversations and gives hope to those who feel inadequate and isolated.

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