Commission to Pray for a Nation

Book Title : Commission to Pray for a Nation

Book Description : Author's journey to pray for a Nation and it’s leaders. The prayers and tools you need to become a better Nation. To become a warrior for Jesus Christ.

Book Cover Image : Attached

Book Genre : Faith Based, Prayer,

Binding : Soft cover perfect bind

Book Price : $14.99

Book Copyright : 2018

Book Edition : First

Book Publisher : RV Brown

When was book published : 2018

Language of book : English

How many pages in book : 324

Interior pages : black and white with color

Weight : 2lbs

Dimensions : 6 x 9

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Commission to Pray For a Nation

6.0" X 9.0"
Author's Corner
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RV Brown

RV Brown is a well know Evangelist, speaker, and author. He is the president of Outreach to America’s Youth Inc. He travels throughout the world sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone, especially today’s youth. He has his BS degree from South Carolina State University. He became a full-time Evangelist in 1988 after accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in 1977. He is the author of the book STEP UP TO THE PLATE, DAD! and co-author of Breaking the Chain as well as this book Commission to Pray for a Nation. The book is based on his journey to pray for our Nation and it’s leaders.

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