Tigers Share Their Tales

3rd Grader, Serenity, enjoying the stories she and fellow classmates wrote.

We recently had the privilege to work with a group of Tigers! Tampa’s very own Morgan Woods Elementary 3rd grade Tigers had so many stories to share that they made them into a book!

“Tiger Tales” was written as a fun project for the five 3rd grade classes and school office staff. We are sure they will be sharing them with family and friends as well!

Some of the tales the friendly Tigers shared were: My Trip To Cuba, Going To Dad’s Work, Pokemon, My Pencil, My Best Friend, I Believe In Santa, The Police Chase, My Guinea Pig, Fluffy Puff the Pony, and My Dog Ate My Mom’s Cake.

We would like to give a thanks to Morgan Woods Elementary and the 3rd grade classes for letting us be a part of this great project! Go Tigers! Roar!