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The Benefits of Professional Book Editing

For Indie Authors

Are you writing a book, have written a manuscript or want to write one, as an independent author?

Do you fancy a career as a freelance writer? If so, this blog post is for you!

In it, we will be discussing the benefits of professional book editing services, plus many other great tips for indie authors. Professional editing services are crucial to any book before its publication, especially for self publishing authors, so read on to find out how and why you need them.

The expertise offered within this article comes from A&A Printing, with well over 40 years of experience in the industry, specializing in self publishing. Professional advice you can truly trust, from the publishing company that places ethics and integrity first. We support and encourage our indie authors from start to finish, helping these writers every step of the way in achieving their dreams!

Professional Book Editing Services

So what exactly are professional book editing services, and what do they entail? Great question! Typically with superior services for self publishing, a professional editor has excellent proofreading skills, and can demonstrate them easily on demand. Some of his or her job duties will be things like:
  • Finding and fixing spelling errors
  • Finding and fixing punctuation errors
  • Finding and fixing grammatical mistakes (grammar)
  • Checking language for average readers’ education level and making sure it flows clearly and fluently
  • Makes suggestions where needed
  • Assists with character development
  • Checking overall quality of manuscript and fixing any mistakes in formatting
  • Presenting you with the final draft of your manuscript, completely free from errors!
Professional editing requires working many hours, in an extremely tedious and time consuming proofreading process. And a good book editor is nearly always a perfectionist – one of the top qualities you’ll want, when you’re ready to hire a professional book editor and proofreading expert!

Why Do I Need Editing If I Know My English Rules?

There are multiple benefits of professional book editing, should you decide to hire a professional book editor, even if you already know you can write generally free from errors.

First of all, it’s always wise to have a professional book editor do your proofreading.

  • One benefit is, having someone double check your work can save you from printing errors that will invariably come back to haunt you.
  • Editors are hired for proofreading work in preparing your ury yip language you use throughout your manuscript. A professionally edited story will be coherent and chronological, and the editor may give you a suggestion or a comment where appropriate.
  • Professional editors will think about your target readers, find other books they read in the same genre, what these average readers are like, and what they’re looking for.
  • Professional editors work hard to be sure your story is being told in the most effective way possible.
  • In addition, a professional book editor (or a ghostwriter) can give you advice on any section you’re having trouble with.

The Story Never Told

Are you the kind of person who believes their story can change the world?! (Or at least some of its readers!) You’ve started a writing project because you have this phenomenally fresh idea for your plot, but you just keep getting stuck in one spot and your words don’t want to come together right.

So you haven’t been able to make progress and your terrific story has gotten shoved to the back of the desk drawer or in a forgotten folder on your One Drive, only partially complete. The world needs to hear your story, so let’s save it from the trash for readers everywhere, and hire a ghostwriter!

Do You Need To Hire A Ghostwriter?

These ghostwriting professionals specialize in helping authors with writer’s block or other potentially catastrophic book-stoppers, and being able to help them through the process and complete their books. They will collaborate with the author and assist with writing the parts of the manuscript that are trouble spots.

With this type of service, Ghostwriters typically don’t get any credit for the work, they just do the job they are hired to do. In addition, the writer will want to have them sign a non-disclosure statement, for legal protection concerning copyright issues.

Other Writer Resources

A&A Printing

If you’re an indie author interested in self publishing, A&A Printing is the best and only resource you need. Founded in 1977, we’ve learned all about what writers need throughout the writing process and beyond.

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Here are some examples of services we offer, either on-site or outsourced, whichever you prefer:
  • Writing and formatting
  • Ghostwriting services
  • Professional book editing
  • Self marketing
  • Professional author’s website and web pages
  • Book cover design
  • Distribution and on-demand printing
  • Keep 80% of royalties, the highest percentage of any other self publishing source
  • Support and advice from friendly staff who honestly want you to succeed, anytime
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