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Why It’s Not Worth It To Publish On Amazon KDP

If writing is your passion, and you’re looking at publishing options, you should know why it’s not worth it to publish on Amazon – and that they’re not the only game in town. Although definitely enjoying the popularity that comes with trending, Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is not what it used to be. This article talks […]

How Has Self Publishing Changed The Writing Industry?

Authors Emerge Worldwide One way self publishing has changed the writing industry is by allowing authors all over the world to emerge, which has brought countless more priceless and treasured stories into our lives! Millions of people worldwide now have the opportunity to write and self publish their books, who otherwise may never have tried. […]

How To Find Your Writing Niche As An Independent Writer

In this article you will be able to figure out what it means to find your writing niche as an independent writer and the different types of careers that are invloved! Let’s first start with writing as a career. Start With A Writing Career Are you the creative type? If you love writing, have above […]

5 Self Publishing Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

If you are a writer struggling to complete your first book, in this article we will discuss some common self publishing mistakes you really can’t afford to make, and why they are so important. This will also include some excellent tips for first time authors, and a place to find all the best writer resources […]

Why Publishing On Amazon Is A Huge Mistake

Writers are the creative types, and resist any attempts to control or stifle their ‘muse’. “Indie” authors pride themselves on their choice of independence, with self-publishing. Ultimately, this choice makes them uniquely and solely responsible for their successes – or, their failures. There is a certain amount of thrill, or kind of nervous exhilaration, with […]

The Benefits of Professional Book Editing

For Indie Authors Are you writing a book, have written a manuscript or want to write one, as an independent author? Do you fancy a career as a freelance writer? If so, this blog post is for you! In it, we will be discussing the benefits of professional book editing services, plus many other great […]

Self Publishing VS. Traditional Publishing

Which Way Is Best? If you are a writer in today’s market, you have a choice to make, once you’ve written a book. In fact, you may be still writing it when you start exploring this topic. Publishing, and the question of which way is best – self publishing vs. traditional publishing. If you are […]

Best Ideas For Twitter Hashtags On Book Promotion

What Is A Hashtag? First of all, if we want to find the best ideas for Twitter hashtags on book promotion, we need to define exactly what a hashtag is.   On social media platforms and on Twitter in particular, a hashtag is a label, created to make it easier for users to find information on […]

Why Self-Publishing On Amazon Is Not Always Best

To Authors Are you a writer who is planning to self-publish a book in the near future (or sometime in the foreseeable future), and are thinking of using Amazon to publish and sell your book? If so, this article will not only explain why self-publishing on Amazon is not always best, but also give you another […]

5 Online Book Marketing Tips For Self-Publishers

Some self-publishers write just for joy and others are wanting to live off their passion for writing! If you are self-publishing and want to be read by as many readers as possible, online book marketing is crucial for your success. There are various ways to promote your book online however we have brought you 5 […]

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