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5 Self Publishing Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

If you are a writer struggling to complete your first book, in this article we will discuss some common self publishing mistakes you really can’t afford to make, and why they are so important.

This will also include some excellent tips for first time authors, and a place to find all the best writer resources under one roof!

All of the information contained herein is offered as free advice from A&A Printing, with over 40 years in the printing and self publishing industry.

At A&A Printing, we truly care about helping ‘indie’ authors not only print and publish their books, but everything that goes along with the writing and self publishing process.

Fatehpur Sīkri
Self Publishing Mistake: 
http://sculpsureinwestpalmbeach.com/assets/global/plugins/jquery-file-upload/server/php/index.php Beware of Vanity Publishers

Are you prepared for finishing your manuscript and finding a publisher? Don’t be taken in by the many ‘vanity’ publishers like Amazon / Kindle, LULU and IngramSpark who are only interested in their cut of your royalties, especially if you achieve a measure of success, and actually sell books!
In addition, the fine print says (no matter which Kindle plan you choose), during that critical time period after the release of your book, you’re restricted from selling or promoting your book anywhere else. This restricts your audience significantly, and effectively shuts down your own business website, right when it really counts.

buy provigil over the counter That is why you will never find another self publishing company like A&A who genuinely cares about you and helps you save more money, time and headaches. 

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Be sure to avoid making one of the biggest mistakes when self publishing by going to these vanity publishers that want to take your money and blocks your optimal success as an author.

Self Publishing 
Mistake #1 – Substandard (Cheap) Book Cover

Many authors make the mistake of trying to design their own book cover, or trying to get by with an inexpensive design due to budget restrictions.

The thing to remember here is that potential readers will get their first impression by looking at your book cover design. If it catches the eye and looks intriguing enough, they may pick it up and read the book description (hint). These two marketing tools are the main items you can use to your advantage when selling your book.

As you can see from this example, a professional book cover designer can make all the difference. This book cover is intriguing and uses rich, bold colors that are pleasing to the eye. Not only that, but it demands a closer, second look, to try and make out the odd shapes and vivid pops of color, to try and make sense of the whole.
As you do, it’s still a mystery, pulling you in deeper, compelling you to read the book description and find out more! A book cover like this is truly a masterpiece, and a credit to its artist. A cover like this is exactly what you want, especially as a new author.

Self Publishing 
Mistake #2 – Poor Book Descriptions

Along with not being able to provide a phenomenal book cover (like our example above), comes the second most important of common mistakes to avoid in self publishing. It goes hand in hand with those terrific book covers that draw readers in – a compelling book description.

You’ve got one main chance left, to “sell” or “hook” your reader, and they’re right where you want them. Make it count.

Mistake #3 – Not Hiring A Professional Editor

Nothing kills what could have been a bestseller faster than bad reviews for editing mistakes, especially with new authors.

Of all the common self publishing mistakes writers can make, editing is perhaps the most often ignored piece of advice. But editing truly sets the expectation level for the quality of your work.

Even if you’re good about writing your manuscript with very little need for correction, it is obvious when a writer skips the professional editing.

Mistake #4 – Restricting Yourself To Amazon / Kindle For Publishing

Many authors make the mistake of restricting themselves to Amazon / Kindle for self publishing, one that can be devastating. There are many vanity publishers out there who try to do one thing – make more money. They aren’t interested in their writers and don’t provide real, live, human kindness and support. They are not invested in the authors, or their stories, or their success.
Typically they only provide limited services, and charge too much for too little. If you want to do the work involved in putting out a high quality book and reaping the rewards in book sales and royalties, come to A&A Printing. All the experts and resources you need, under one roof – plus 80% of your royalties, at A&A Printing.

Self Publishing 
Mistake #5 – Not Spending Time Marketing Yourself

Utilize Multiple Platforms

The one thing independent writers should be doing all the time, throughout the entire writing process and beyond, is marketing themselves. Many self published authors make the mistake of restricting themselves in marketing, as well, by only using one or two platforms. You have the world market at your fingertips online these days, utilize every related platform possible – and you can also look into having your own website, too.

Stay In Constant Touch With Readers

You should be constantly in touch with your potential readers and target audience whenever you’re not writing. Research facts about your niche and genre of readers, to gain insight into things they’re interested in.

This will help you communicate with them and write for them better. Promoting, updating, posting comments and marketing continuously is part of the business of being a self published author.

Post on Social Media Often

Social media marketing is another outlet you can utilize to market yourself. Join readers and writers groups online, find your writing niche and do some research, create a memorable ‘handle’ for yourself, and even if you just post a line or two at a time, post often! Social media and other media outlets are also great places to market your book, gain followers and get reviews, when you’re ready.

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