Print on Demand

With our digital, print-on-demand, short run printing capabilities, we can provide the quantity you actually need at a reasonable price.

Print runs from 500 to 3000 copies can still be economical, whether you are looking to print a perfectly bound book, color catalog, manual or booklet.

Don't order more than you are going to sell in a given period of time. With our digital offset printing equipment, your job won't cost an arm and a leg.

Author's ask me all the time are we a POD printer? The answer is yes and no. POD means print on demand and there are many companies out there that do this. The problem is they are not for everybody and do not tell you the full story up front. If you are looking just to print a couple of books and are not looking to make a profit, they may work fine for you. Many P.O.D's attract people with the lure of having your book in different outlets and claiming to be able to market an authors book.

The reality is that many of these outlets take up to 60% of the money and do not promote your book. Your book can be in 10 different places but how good is that if nobody knows it is there? I always tell authors that if you could tell people to buy the book from your own website and promote the book yourself, you could keep 100% of the money. Besides, customers do not go to websites to browse for the latest self-published titles, they go to buy a specific book. Once most authors see the reality of P.O.D, they have already invested too much money and haven't made anything substantial. On top of this, most POD's only include 1-10 books even with their most expensive package and subsequent re-prints are well over-priced. Once you sell your 1-10 books they provide, you now will pay 3-5 times more per book than you would by going with us. The numbers do not lie and we can show you how to succeed. We can start you out with 50 books and show you how to make a profit your first time. Not many POD's can promise that.