Offset Book and Manual Printing

A & A Printing features the Iwatsu LP 501CR 1200 dpi direct-to-plate system.

This direct-to-plate system outputs short run paper plates directly from any MAC or PC file, eliminating the need for costly silver master or film negative plates. This technology, combined with our state-of-the-art printing, collating and bindery equipment, enables us to produce runs of 1000-3000 at unit prices comparable to long run, large press printers.

Not only can we save you money and provide you with superior 1200 dpi print quality, our offset printing process can cut production time in half.

Now you can afford 1200 dpi quality in press runs as short as 1000. Half tones, fine line screens, line art and diagrams will look crisp and clean - just like the originals. You'll be able to get this quality in the quantity that's right for you. You won't have to print, store and insure thousands of books/manuals, when a shorter run will suit your current needs.