Electronically: You can get one at It will tell you what to do on the website.

      U.S. ISBN Agency
      630 Central Avenue
      New Providence, NJ 07974
      Tel: 877-310-7333
      Fax: 908-219-0188

WHO IS IT FOR: The application link is for U.S. ISBN use only. Foreign publishers must apply to their own national agencies to obtain ISBN numbers.

FEE: Processing fee is approximately $200 (subject to change). Allow 20 days processing time. You may request 72-hour turnaround for an additional charge.

WHEN SHOULD YOU APPLY: Publishers should start the ISBN process before their publication is sent to the printer.

HOW MANY DO YOU GET: The ISBN Agency will issue you 10 ISBN numbers (more if requested). Select one for use on your current project and reserve the balance for future projects.

WHAT IT IS: A worldwide identification system that has been in use since the late 1960's. There is a different number for each edition and binding of every book.

MEANING OF ISBNS: Using 0-915516-21-7 as an example, here is how the ISBN breaks down:
0 - Book originated in English speaking country
915516 - Identifies publisher
21 - Identifies particular title and edition (hard or soft cover) of book
7 - Check digit. This is a mathematical function to check the accuracy of the other digits

WHERE TO PUT YOUR ISBN: Your ISBN should be printed on the copyright page and the lower right-hand corner of the outside back cover and back jacket or below the bar code. Dust jackets should carry the ISBN on the upper edge of the left-hand jacket flap.

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Electronically: You can get one It will tell you what to do on the website.

FEE: A single barcode is only $25. One barcode along with one ISBN is $150. Go to to see different plans and prices.

WHAT IT IS: A barcode is a graphical representation of your book's ISBN number and price. It allows automated scanning and point-of-sale transactions.

WHAT YOU'LL NEED BEFORE PURCHASING A BARCODE: You will need the following before purchasing or customizing your barcodes:

  • An ISBN Number
  • Retail or List Price Information

WHERE TO PUT YOUR BARCODE: The standard location for a barcode is the bottom right-hand corner. A major motivation for the development of barcodes for books was the need to speed up transactions. A standard location is therefore necessary to save the operator's time in searching the product for the code.

SIZE REQUIREMENTS: The standard area required for a barcode is 2.00" x 1.25".

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Electronically: You can get one at It will tell you what to do on the website.

Physically: There are different addresses for different types of copyrights. Please go to

FEE: Due to the different types of registrations, please go to to find the price that best suites your need. (Prices for both online and paper registrations are there).

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Electronically: You can get one at It will tell you what to do on the website.

      Library of Congress
      ISSN Publisher Liaison Section
      101 Independence Ave., S.E.
      Washington, DC 20540-4284
      Tel: 202-707-6452
      Fax: 202-707-6333

WHAT IS IT FOR: The ISSN is a standard identifier for serials (e.g., journals, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, annuals) whether published in print, online or other media. Each medium version is assigned a separate ISSN.

WHY DO I NEED AN ISSN: The ISSN can be thought of as the social security number of the serials world. Just as an individual's social security number is used in many automated systems to distinguish that person from others with the same or similar names, the ISSN distinguishes a particular serial from others with which it might be confused. The ISSN also helps library patrons, libraries, and others who handle large numbers of serials to find and identify titles in automated systems more quickly and easily.

WHO IS IT FOR: The U.S. ISSN Center generally only assigns ISSN at the direct request of the publisher or an agent (such as an attorney) acting on the publisher's behalf. Libraries and other ISSN users interested in obtaining ISSN should contact the head of the U.S. ISSN Center, Regina Reynolds, to discuss other possibly arrangements.

FEE: There is no charge for the assignment of the ISSN, or for the use of an ISSN once assigned. (However, the Library of Congress incurs substantial costs to staff and maintain the U.S. ISSN Center. Additionally, the Library of Congress is assessed a considerable fee to belong to the ISSN Network.)

WHAT DO THE LETTERS ISSN STAND FOR: It stands for International Standard Serial Number. According to the pertinent national and international standards (ISO 3297; ANSI/NISO Z39.9) the abbreviation "ISSN" denotes the singular and plural forms, according to context.

DO I NEED A SEPARATE ISSN FOR EACH ISSUE: No. ISSN are assigned to the entire serial and stay the same from issue to issue unless you change the title of your serial in any way except to increment the date (e.g., The World of Serials 1996 to The World of Serials 1997).

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