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Adaptable Books

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Celebrated Jumping Frog, A Christmas Carol,
To Build A Fire, Romeo & Juliet


Are you a:

Special Education Teacher spending long hours adapting materials?

Librarian who wishes you had books that special education students could access?

Parent who wishes your son/daughter with special needs had an age appropriate book to read?

Grandparent who is looking for a book specifically suited for your Grandson/daughter to read?

School administrator looking to follow recommendations and mandates of IDEA and NCLB?

Adult with reading challenges looking for an "adult" novel you can access?


"Adapted for Accessibility" novels are written on a 2nd/3rd grade level of reading targeted to middle/high school students who have autism. Adapting the novel for students who have autism gives the book a "universal" design. The "universal" design opens up access for those who have cognitive/intellectual/learning disabilities as well as the hearing impaired, English second language and possibly those with Alzheimer's. Adapted novels also give those who are in inclusion classes, the opportunity to read the same novels as their peers.
Adapted novels are used in school systems throughout the United States and especially in North Carolina. The novels have been used in research projecs by renowned Special Education department at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. The books have shown to be an effective literacy tool, especially to those with moderate-to-severe cognitive disabilities, such as autism.



Jeff McGunegle

Jeff is a dedicated father of two living in Indian Land, SC. He finds inspiration through his children, Clay and Mary, as well as his spiritual practice. He describes Clay as bringing him depth, and Mary as bringing him breadth. Clay has autism and is fond of computers and movies. Mary prides herself academically and athletically and has a highly creative spirit. Jeff is a self-described "autism entrepreneur." He is a writer, advocate, consultant, teacher and coach for those on the autism spectrum as well as their families. He has taught students on the autism spectrum at all grade levels.




Adapted novels are used in school systems throughout the United States. InteGREATity has sold "Adapted for Accessibility" novels in at least 15 different
states. They have been used in research projects with great success. The books
are an effective literacy tool for those with moderate-to-severe cognitive disability labels such as autism and Down's syndrome. Their use does not stop there,
they are also used with those who have dementia


You can find the books in physical and PDF formats at the InteGREATity website:



Featured Book

A Fairies ABC

A Dream Come True...



If you're a fan of fairies, you'll love this book. While learning the ABCs of fairies, such as "W is for Wonderful", you'll get a chance to see the beautiful illustrations created by Janet O'Rourke.



Janetnobg (418x421)

Janet O'Rourke is an internationally known wood artist working alongside her husband Jay. Janet has taken this life long wood working skill and mixed in her passion for drawing fairies to create this magical book. She takes inspiration from
the world around her and sprinkles fairies dust from her imagination to create these
lovely & colorful illustrations. Janet lives in St. Petersburg, FL with her husband;
her two dogs, Cash & Fiona; and her two cats, Zelda & Baby.



Welcome to my world...

A little dream come to life! I have always loved fairies. As a little girl listening to my beautiful mom telling me stories I would imagine these beautiful creatures in my mind. Each of my fairies are here to spread abundant love, joy and happiness. I truly hope you enjoy them as much as I have had in creating them.

Fairies Pics (530x233)



Janet and Jay O'Rourke

ORourkes_0001 (530x336)

There is a secret mystical quality to our vessels. We are so happy with our new work. We have been making wooden boxes and vessels for over 40 years, our main concentration for most of our career were hinged boxes and vessels out of exotic hardwoods. We were feeling really bad about using rainforest wood so now that we are using found wood we are doing something good for the environment. We are published in over 14 books an numerous magazine articles; we are in museum and corporate collections all over the world.
All our vessels are made of found wood from storms; we cure the wood for about a year sometimes putting it in a compost pile to spault the wood, beautiful black patters are brought out when there is a fungus in the wood.
Jay is fantastic wood turner. He turns these pieces into hollow form wooden vessels and bowls. Then he gives them to me a blank canvas. I have my background in illustration so why not treat the wood like a canvas. I carve each finial mostly birds and other beautiful images from our garden, our inspiration! Then I use pigments on the woods with our own formula. Then I do Pyrography and paint the pieces and to most of these add a little magic. So if our work makes you smile and you feel good that's our goal and we have made you happy!



Click the logo below to be directed to Janet's website

logo jj1000 (530x54)


Click HERE to go to Facebook to like the
Janet O'Rourke Designs and Jay O Boxes fanpage.


Featured Book





Ace Abbott Books





Take a ride on the wild side throughout Ace Abbott's thirty-six year journey that includes: exhilarating low-level formation flights and night airborne refueling missions in the F-4 Phantom; five-star hotels and restaurants in Paris, greasy cargo ramps, and South American jails. Ace's journey will oscillate between aviation penthouses to aviation outhouses as he transistions through the turbulence of the airline post-deregulation chaos.
This radically erratic adventure is filled with equally implausible, pulse-racing aviation anecdotes and scenarios that reveal Ace's frequent excursions "outside of the box." Ace will take you to places where few layman or pilots have ever been. He will relate his close encounter with the Rastafarian culture when he smuggles Bob Marley out of Kingston, Jamaica. He hobnobs with iconic celebrities and Palm Beach Socialites while his chauffeuring of the rich and famous provides him a millionaire's lifestyle on a school teacher's salary.
An additional theme of this book is aviation safety, particularly regarding the current front and center issue of pulot fatigue. Ace related his all-too-frequent personal experiences of fatigue in the cockpit and discusses the role of the FAA and the pilot unions regarding this problem. The stories of duty periods in excess of twenty hours were a result of his exposure to "the back alleys of aviation."



Dead Tired reversed equals tired dead, and this reversal stands out as the primary theme of this book, namely the problem of tired pilots who wind up dead.

  • The issue of tired pilots crashing airplanes is now out of the closet. Unfortunately, it took an ugly accident (Continental Flight 3407 at Buffalo, New York, on January 12, 2009) to get the issue into front-and-center headlines.

  • Dead Tired sheds additional light on the Buffalo catastrophe and offers the reader an in-depth understanding of the ongoing, pilot-fatigue problem.

  • This book also brings to light the FAA's disregard for the safety and the well-being of cargo pilots by exempting them from the long-awaited revised rest and duty time rules.

  • The accident and incident reports of tired-pilot crashes have been included to present the case for a need for heightened awareness of the potential damage resulting from tired pilots in the cockpit.

  • The added educational material related to sleep deprivation, its symptoms, and counter-measures are relevant for pilots, for professional drivers, and for any driver who has ever taken charge of automobile in a tired condition.

  • Please fasten your seat belt and remain alert!




ACE ABBOTT, born and raised on a farm in upstate New York entered the Air Force
in 1965 and became an F-4 Phantom fighter pilot based in the Far East. In 1971 he began his civilian career as a Learjet charter pilot. From 1980 until 2002 he was a Boeing 727 Captain with several airlines. A 36 year aviation career took him to 44 countries with 25 employers.



Ace (on the right) with two other best-selling aviation authors,
Pete Buffington and Sully Sullenberger.



To find out more about "The Rogue Aviator", see more pictures,
read Ace's blog, get a special offer of a signed copy, and much more,
go to The Rogue Aviator website at:

To find out more about "Dead Tired", read some excerpts and more,
go the the Dead Tired website at:

Find Ace on Twitter: Click HERE


Featured Book






BEGOTTEN: With Love is divided into 4 distinctive segments chronicling the resilience of the human spirit through the best and worst of occasions. Based on the author's 30-years of genealogical and historical research, the book brings to life each generation and lets the readers live the experiences as the characters and plots unfold.



Jo Ann Glim's professional career (as a disc jockey and copywriter) began in the late 1960s in Chicago on the all jazz radio station WSDM-FM when she answered a help-wanted ad in the Chicago Tribune which boldly stated: No experience necessary. The 24-year-old whose personal life was in shambles (a 6-year marriage on the rocks and no marketable job skills), laughingly thought, for once, I qualify!
The Chess brothers of Chess/Checker/Cadet record fame envisioned a station with all--female, on-air personalities at a time when only a handful of women were on the radio. This opportunity not only hone Glim's writing and communication skills but helped establish a market for other women entering the broadcasting field. A highlight for Glim and fellow DJ Jan Bina was a co-written Flukies Restaurant commercial which was in contention for a (1969) Clio Award. Through the years, she worked in the following markets: WSDM-FM Chicago (Jazz); KMPX-FM San Francisco (Underground); and KIKI-AM Hawaii (Top 40).
That was the "glamorous" side of her resume. One she is grateful to have enjoyed but she was also fascinated by the inner workings of business management and now, remarried and living in the suburbs, wanted to experience corporate life. Glim began as a file clerk with Kelly Services and throughout the years took advantage of every business class Kelly and the local junior colleges offered. 16 years later, Glim retired as an on-site manager at Baxter Healthcare's Human Resources (IV Systems) division... still employed through Kelly Services.
The one constant in Glim's life has been writing. As a 40-year veteran of freelance writing with credits to her name for Hallmark cards and one-liners for nationally known comedians, her credentials also include: a weekly column, Day to Day Pomposities and Other Illusions which appeared in 14 Lakeland Newspapers in nothern Illinois for 6 years and received first-place honors as Best Humorous Column on family life by the northern Illinois Pess Association in the 1980's; and a monthly column Spotlight on Non-Profits for the Manatee County Chamber of Commerce in Florida which showcased the good works of non-profit organizations in the community and how business could help support their efforts.
When Glim decided to write a book, it was intended as a family history (in story form) fro her children and grandchildren. It became apparent the storym, although personal in nature, shared a universal message for anyone who has profited from the labors and dreams of the immigrant and maginifes the fact that every family has its story.


Divider 2


"After reading the first couple of pages about Maggie, Sannie, and Cameron, I thought immediately of Charles Frazier's book, Cold Mountain which is one of my all-time favorites. This first chapter also took me back to Ken Burns and his documentary of the Civil War.
In my opinion, the author captures the background and mood of this horrific time in our history. Her writing style is very descriptive and pulls one from paragraph-to-paragraph which is not easy to accomplish."

- Jim Williamson, Author of the Lessons Leaned series (2003), Comendium Publishing, after reading the first chapter of BEGOTTEN: With Love.


This American History / Memoir 'Reads like fiction... but it's not."

- Bob Marvin, Indie Author

Divider 2


Judge, Writers Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards


Judges Commentary from

Writer's Digest October 2013




Jo Ann V. Glim

"Begotten With Love" takes a creative premise for telling a family's story and succeeds beautifully. The fictionalization of ancestral history works well and makes this family history read more like an intersting novel. It also makes it a universal story - readers who had grandparents or great-grandparents who came to America through Ellis Island, or immigrated from toher countries, can see themselves and their families in this narrative.

The author does a great job in capturing time, place and character, with enough history thrown in to help readers place themselves in time. The book is nicely written, and the hard work the author did both with her research and getting the book just right shows.

The cover is professional and eye-catching, making a reader want to pick the book up and find out more about those interesting people. While she should be deservedly proud of her achievement, the book can stand on its own, and readers only need to know what a good job she did with it. It's about what the author says in the end, after all, not about who she is.


Divider 2



Begotten: With Love's official website including back-story and photos


Weekly blog with tips and pointers for writers/authors


LIKE/Follow the author's page and help her in the ratings

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Jess, Jo Ann, Maryellen, Eli

Here is Jo Ann with Jess (our Pre-Press man who handled the job before printing), Maryellen O'Rourke (our head CSR Rep who helped her along the way), and Eli Blyden of Crunch Time Graphics (who designed the book and formatted it)!


Featured Publisher



A&A Printing is starting this year's spotlights with another one of our great long-term publishing companies, Godzchild Publications. Godzchild has been with us since July of 2011 and we have printed over 40 books for them.





Godzchild Publications (hereafter Godzchild, Inc.) is a full-service publishing company dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God through inspired writing and Christian book production. With the capacity to support both accomplished and aspiring writers from their first written page to their book signing for the completed work, Godzchild Inc. seeks to guide the inexperienced author who faces difficulty navigating traditional publishing avenues, and to support the seasoned writer who may be looking for greater freedom and collaboration in publishing equally.

Godzchild, Inc. is an unapologetically Christian enterprise. Its ministry, however, is to Christian and non-Christian writers alike. Its hope is to bring not only readers to authentic faith in Christ, but writers too. Unique in highlighting the diversity of Christian thought and experiences, Godzchild Inc. brings a new and wide set of perspectives to the publishing world.

Godzchild Inc. reserves the right to fully examine and accept, deny, or edit (with the author's permission) the projects it considers for publication. While we welcome the opportunity to work with authors of various backgrounds and persuasions, we remain committed to Christ-like values and standards.





Email: godzchildinc@gmail.com

Phone: 1-877-777-7016

Fax: 973-484-7923




Prospective Authors Questionnaire




Featured Book


A Children's Short Story & Coloring Book


Queenie's Last Christmas Cover



Briefly speaking, Queenie is an old bearded fig tree which has seen everything that has happened in Barbados since its discovery by the English settlers around 1627. These events include hurricanes, riots, etc. The story is about Queenie's Last Christmas.



Lawton Pic_0001

Lawton Walcott is a retired Banker with a love for writing. He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Management, from the University of the West Indies, and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, London.

Lawton is married to Delphi and is the father of four and grand-father of ten.

Queenie's Last Christmas is the first in a series of children's books to be written by the Author, who is also a Puzzle Maker and creator of the cartoon character; 'Wire Man' published in the Daily Nation Newspaper in Barbados.

We hope you enjoy reading this book and encourage you to also look for the other 2 books in the Queenie series, soon to be published as outlined below.

  • Queenie and the Last Canes
  • Queenie and the Haunted Woods

Lawton Walcott is also author of:
My Favourite Healing Scriptures - (Thirty-one One-A-Day/Plus 9 for Rainy Days) and
My Favourite Encouragement Scriptures - (Thirty-one One-A-Day/Plus 9 for Rainy Days).




Inside the book you will find all the details you will need
to enter the "Color Me & Win" contest!
You could win some great art prizes!


Featured Book  


What To Do When Conventional Wisdom
Is Not Very Wise



PFSyndrome_Front_cover (426x640)



It has always been a dream of mine to write a book for parents, combining what I know about child development and psychoanalysis. In Parent Fatigue Syndrome I believe I have done that, and have crafted a guide to help parents in the creation of their own unique parenting style, one that is joyous in both its practice and outcome.

Written with the same sense of empathy and humor I use in my psychotherapy practice, the book explains how parents become fatigued by their natural re-identification with their own parents as they start to raise children. Steeped in outdated conventional wisdom stored in the memories of their childhood, modern-day parents do not feel that they are parenting effectively. To promote successful parenting and combat parenting fatigue, I provide an informative discussion of child development and stage-appropriate parenting techniques.

In addition, the book highlights the essential need for the children to experience all their emotions, secure in the knowledge of their parents' acceptance and support; and it describes specific relationships formed with primary caregivers and how they contribute to the healthy growth of both adult and child. I use both poignant case vignettes from my therapuetic practice as well as personal anecdotes to make the succinct theoretical presentation warm and accessible to parents looking for direction. And in the final section, Kitchen Table Therapy, I close with practical exercises based on the material in previous chapters.

The book embodies knowledge and experience gained from over 30 years as a parent, teacher and psychotherapist. In weaving together the newest research in infant brain development, child development theory, and the humanistic psychoanalytic principles of Heinz Kohut's Self Psychology, I provide parents with insights that are now only widely known in academia.




Joanna Hulton, Ph.D. is a NY State Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Psychoanalyst with over 30 years of experience in the fields of mental health and education. She is now in private practice on Long Island, New York. She was awarded a Ph.D. from Union Institute and University, and she completed her post-doctoral psychoanalytic training at The New York Institute for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology. She has worked as a teacher and therapist in both private and public school settings and has developed innovative curricula to meet the needs of regular and special education programs. Dr. Hulton has also served as an adjunct professor at C.W. Post College. During her tenure, she developed a trilogy of institutes that define a sub-specialty in Mental Health Counseling. Parent Fatigue Syndrome is her first book. You can read more about her work at http://www.parentandeducatorforum.com.



Parent Fatigue Syndrome is available in paperback on Amazon.

Look for the ebook on Smashwords in December 2013.


Featured Book


A Story


Ghosts of Proctor's Theatre



In an old vaudeville theatre, the ghost of a magician challenges an adventurous young psychic to a duel at midnight. The psychic accepts. She has six hours to prepare for the fight of her life.

Her guide in exploring the theatre is Will Bradley, head of maintenance. Will is well-acquainted with the ghosts who haunt it, from Azzy the guard dog through all the numerous vaudevillians who continue to perform unseen.

One ghost has it in for him - although he did NOT kill her.

Not yet.




I graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Science in Dramatic Arts (I don't understant that, either), then acted for a season with the Trinity Square Repertory Company in Providence, RI.

I moved to Manhattan and married Robert Warlock, who was also an actor then. For many years now Bob has worked at Proctors. We live in Schenectady and have three grown children.

In addition to the novels listed on this website (winifredelze.com), I have had short stories published in Art Times, Blueline, Bellowing Ark, and The Wisconsin Restaurateur. I also worked as the Argyle reporter for the Glens Fall Post Star and wrote feature articles and interviews for TV Data.

Member: The Authors Guild, The Hudson Valley Writers Guild




"Ghosts of Proctor's Theatre"

featured in The Daily Gazette

Article 1

Proctors event includes ghost tour, paranormal investigation

BY BILL BUELL, Gazette Reporter

Winifred Elze's book may be fiction, but if you believe in ghost stories, then there's no telling how much of her work might be true.
"Ghosts of Proctor's Theatre: A Story," Elze's seventh book of fiction, is newly published and is available at Proctors' Gift Centre. In conjunction with the new book, Proctors is holding a ghost tour at 8 p.m. Friday that will take visitors to places most patrons of the theater have never seen before. And, for those interested in some serious ghost hunting, "Proctors Lights Out Paranormal Investigation" will be held at midnight.
Elze's book is set in contemporary times, but the ghosts involved go back to the theater's opening in 1926. An early book by her, "The Borgia Prince," set the stage for her current work.
"The Borgia Prince' was a murder-mystery set in Proctors, and now the woman who was killed is coming back to haunt the theater," said Elze. "She's picking on the maintenance man, and he decides to get a couple of psychics to do something about it."
While there are enough ghost stories relating to Proctors to write a non-fiction book, Elze decided to stick with what she knows best.


"It's really a novella. Writing fiction is what I do best, and so instead of just listing the incidents and experiences of others, I wanted to do something that really holds all the stories together," said Elze, who husband is Robert Warlock, a longtime Proctors employee.
"It still gave me the opportunity to include a lot of history and write about the many vaudeville performers that had performed here over the years."
Many of those performers Elze encountered in her research are now serving as ghosts in her novel, including a German shepherd dog named Azzi.
"He was the guard dog for the theater and people have seen him frequently," said Elze. "He's probably the ghost people see the most often. During this one show and man felt a dog behind him, breathing on him and drooling on him, so he got annoyed and went and complained. He was told by someone with the theater, 'there's no dog here.'"
While Elze has heard numerous ghost stories, she has failed to encounter one herself.
"I haven't seen any ghosts myself, but I know people who have heard things in the old dressing rooms, like water running, and they will check and there's nothing there," she said. "Other times they'll hear people talking in the theater, but there will be nobody there."


Elze beginning: looking into the many ghost stories at Proctors as well as the history of the theater itself after a conversation with family members last February.
"We were sitting around the dinner table talking about all the ghosts at Proctors, and it occurred to me that I could write a book if I could get enough material," she said.
"Well, it started with my daughter; she worked there for a while and had a few stories, and then I started looking at old newpapers advertising who was performing at the theater and when. With the names of those performers, I started looking up their histories and it was all pretty interesting."
A Schenectady resident and native of Staten Island, Elze graduated from New York University and worked as an actress in the New York area before turning to writing. Formerly a reporter for The Post Star in Glens Falls, she has written other books, including "Tilde," the story of a sensitive and bi-polar young artist coming of age during the Great Depression.


If reading about ghosts isn't enough, then Proctors is offering three one-hour tours beginning at 8 p.m. Admission for the ghost tour is $15, and anyone participating is invited to bring in their own "ghost hunting" equipment.
The "Proctors Lights Out Paranormal Investigation" will be led by Gary Robusto, founder of the Tri-City NY Paranormal Society.
The event will begin at midnight and last approximately two hours. It is recommended for ages 18 and over. Admission to the Paranormal Investigation is $30 and includes one fo the earlier tours.



Winifred's website: http://www.winifredelze.com

The Daily Gazette: http://www.dailygazette.com

Proctors Theater: http://www.proctors.org


Featured Book


The true story of a young man who glorified God
in life and death.





At the age of 15, Micah Ramsey was athletic, bright, well-liked, hard-working, and a devoted Christian. Upon returning from a mission trip on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana, Micah was diagnosed with a "train-wreck" of a cancer called "Ewing's Sarcoma."

Walk through Micah's journey as his true story is told by his mom, and be inspired by his life. As you peer into this young man's life you will be encouraged.

Micah's response to his apparent "death sentence" was, "We as human beings were created by God to worship and glorify Him. It is what we are designed to do. God also has had a plan for us since before we were born. Apparently one of His plans for my life is that I was to fight cancer. This is so that I can glorify and serve Him in some way. I do not know what this way is. What He is doing, I'm sure, my simple mind cannot fathom. God is all-knowing and I am not. That is the plain and simple truth. He is going to be GREATLY GLORIFIED through me fighting cancer. Not because I'm some great person, but because He is a great, mighty, and a totally awesome God."

Read excerpts of Micah's journals and notes and prayers. Prepare to be challenged to know God and trust Him with your life.

Micah's story in a sense is all our stories. We each have a path to walk and a plan to fulfill. May you be encouraged and blessed by one young man's story of faith, endurance, and ultimately triumph.



Micah's Parents

Dani Ramsey is a "nobody, telling everybody about someone named Jesus." She serves the Lord with her husband and children in the rural town of Rosedale, West Virginia. Together they have hosted thousands of mission workers, and ministered in the area for over 12 years.

Married for over 22 years, Dani considers her husband, Clark to be her soul mate and best friend. Clark and Dani love Christ, and try to spend their time on earth caring about the only things that are eternal: God, His Word, and the souls of men and women. Second only to the Lord, their children: Jeremiah, Micah, Charity, and Joy are the love of their life. When not ministering, their family enjoys fishing, hunting, gardening, farming, and sports. They all look forward to spending eternity with Jesus - TOGETHER FOREVER.



Click on a link to be brought to its corresponding page.

Book Trailer



Dani & Clark's Blog




Featured Book



Last Flight Out



Ella Sheridan has failed them again. One time after another, this is just the latest disappointment in what Ella sees as a lifetime spent not measuring up. Her family's pristine image is about to be shattered when the nation learns the vice president's daughter has cancer. Ignoring her mother's strict security mandates against commercial travel, Ella books herself on a flight bound for Los Angeles to share her difficult diagnosis first with a trusted friend. She has no idea someone with evil intentions has other plans for her.

Dezi has just landed the job of his career. Ruggedly handsome and focused on himself, he has made his photography work priority number one. Heading to L.A. for the shoot, he has no interest in a new relationship, until one literally falls into his lap. His clumsy introduction to Ella leads to the deepest, most intense encounter either of them has ever had.

Ahmed is the son of an Iraqi woman and a British man, doctors who cherished their brilliant boy until they died in the bombing of a Baghdad hospital. As he watches a rising star in American politics tell her nation the dead citizens are an acceptable loss in the pursuit of a greater good, Ahmed focuses singularly on her as the perpetrator of his personal tragedy. Guided by an obsessive need for vengeance, Ahmed builds the skills he will need to punish her for taking away all that he loved.

Unwittingly, Ella becomes his pawn as he infiltrates her life to lure her mother out. Will a woman who has sacrificed and clawed her way to the White House follow protocol, of her heart, when she learns her daughter is in mortal danger?

Can Ella and Dezi's fragile new passion survive both a maniac's wicked vendetta, and a potentially deadly disease that could take one of them out for good?

Last Flight Out is the story of being true to who you are, facing regrets, and maybe having the opportunity to set things right before it's too late.



Jennifer Vaughn Head Shot

In addition to her writing, Jennifer Vaughn is also the 6 p.m. anchor at WMUR-TV, the ABC affiliate in Manchester, New Hampshire. Jennifer is the recipient of multiple journalism awards, Emmy nominations, and commendations from the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters, and the American Red Cross.

Jennifer is part of the political team that earned the prestigious Peabody Award, and Walter Cronkite Award for coverage of the New Hampshire presidential primary debates co-sponsored by WMUR, CNN, Fox News, and ABC News.

You can also find Jennifer on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



Proceeds from her debut novel, Last Flight Out, have been donated to breast cancer organizations in an effort to support families struggling with this disease. As far as Jennifer is concerned, a cure can't happen fast enough!

To learn more, check out jvwrites.com or www.wmur.com



Email: jvwrites@comcast.com

Website: jvwrites.com

Facebook: Last Flight Out

Twitter: @JvaughnNH

Instagram: @jvaughn9



We would like to congratulate Jennifer on having Last Flight Out chosen to be put in the gift bags at the recently held Daytime Emmy Awards this year!


Here are some great pics of Jennifer at the Emmy's!
Thanks for sharing the pics with us Jennifer!



Jennifer and Kristian Alfonso from Days of Our Lives



Betty Vaughn (Jennifer's mother), Darby Dupuis (Jennifer's Daughter),
Jennifer, and Lou Ferrigno



Jennifer and her daughter, Darby Dupuis


Featured Book


Recipes for Healthy Eating, Natural Weight Loss & Anti-Aging

Part of the Dr. LJ's Natural Wellness Series


Raw Fusion



Raw Fusion Living shows you hundreds of delicious, simple, proven ways to improve your health and well being by adding more plant-based "living" foods to your lifestyle. It's a dynamic "food as medicine" approach that helps you naturally lose pounds and maintain a healthy weight, boost your energy, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, please your palate, improve your focus and tap your highest potential.

150+ mouth-watering, healthy Raw Fusion recipes, from fast and easy to sophisticated Gourmet dishes

Delicious, nutritious alternatives for your favorite comfort foods

How individual foods impact your body, mind and well-being

Meal plans for losing weight, fueling vitality and reducing inflammation and concurrent disease

Creating a Raw Fusion Kitchen, Pantry & Toolkit

Simple Psychological Techniques to Reach Your Goals and Transform Your Life

21-Day Secret to Positive Change

Cutting edge information for incorporating more nutrition into your life

All recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free and allergy-friendly and most are vegan



LJ Rose

LindaJoy "LJ" Rose, Ph.D. is a Natural Wellness Expert, Therapist, Gourmet Wellness Chef, Keynote Speaker and author of eight self-help books. One of the world's leading hypnotherapy practitioners, Dr. LJ trained thousands worldwide as Director of International Development for the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

Healthy Living Expert for eHow.com and the syndicate Daytime Show, she shared practical tips, techniques and tools that she used to overcome her own debilitating medical conditions. Her original Raw Fusion Living approach includes easy-to-implement mind/body exercise to help participants create life-affirming habits.

Recently she has created Natural Wellness Coaching Certification program in alliance with the International Hypnosis Federation and is training candidates in facilitating Worksite Wellness Workshops for the Affordable Care Act.



Raw Fusion Dishes



"The work LindaJoy Rose is doing with Raw Fusion makes great strides toward helping the average consumer get their hands and brain around the simple concept that increasing our daily intake of raw and living foods will substantially improve the quality of health and life we experience."

- Tracy Partridge-Johnson, Founder, Eighty Percent Raw Magazine



At these websites, you will find more great information about healthy living, LindaJoy Rose, and how to get your own copy of Raw Fusion Living.






Raw Fusion Infinity


Featured Publisher


A&A Printing would like to take a moment to recognize one of our
many great repeat customers, Musa Publishing. Musa has been with us
for a year this June and we've printed over 65 of their author's great titles.
We are happy to be doing business with such a great company and are excited about working with them on future projects!


Musa Logo



Musa began as a dream shared by four publishing industry professionals. Now that the reality is here, Musa has become the home to debut YA novelists and NYT/USA Today bestselling authors, award-winning books and literary chapbooks, the latest in speculative fiction to the lost treasures of an American science fiction pioneer - and all at reasonable, affordable prices. So whether you're an author, looking for a home for your latest book, or a reader, looking for the best digital fiction without paying an arm and a leg for it, Musa has something for you.



Visit their website: www.musapublishing.com

Visit their blog: http://musapublishing.blogspot.com



Editorial Director: Celina Summers

IT/Art Director: Kelly Shorten

Marketing & Promotions: Elspeth McClanahan

Financial Director: Kerry Mand


Musa Collage


Featured Book

Armed Forces Memorial Day Spotlight







A Veteran's Journey

An innocent farm boy from the Midwest is catapulted into the thick of the battle - a war that people back home did not understand; a war that would leave even deeper scars after returning to his home country that was unappreciative, openly hostile and discriminatory. An American Veteran's Journey piognantly, in a down-home, honest fashion, takes the reader along. This is a journey of raw reality; one which has affected tens of thousands of good men and women whose lives were irreversibly changed by events that were not of their own doing.

As a veteran myself I applaud this inspiring story. Although written by one man it reflects the experiences of so many others. It aptly demonstrates not only the incredible heroism and courage of the author but also uncovers the frailties of the human condition and what so many Vietnam vets faced after returning to the U.S. For many of them the war is still not over. Memories of steamy, insect infested conditions and torture in the sweltering heat of Southeast Asian jungles are symbolically repeated in post war civilian life. Hopefully the awareness created by Mr. Hayden will educate this generation and help bring closure to a most difficult period in US history.

It has been my honor to know Mr. Hayden since he first moved to Montrose, Colorado. His amazing journey deserves far more merit that he actually achieved. But all along, this was never his goal; instead it has always been to help others - those who survived and those who did not.

The truth is that severe damage can be inflicted on our minds as much as physical bodies. For some the horrible experiences of the past are indelibly stamped within the brain forever. Learning to understand that the past, however brutal and damaging, is gone and all of our futures are unknown, there remains only the present. And that is where healing begins.

- Kelvin B Kent Ouray, Colorado




Hayden joined the Marine Corps in 1963 and served two separate tours of duty in Vietnam with the First Marine Air Wing. He was honorably discharged in 1972.

After returning from the war, like so many Vietnam Veterans, he locked his emotions away until the Vietnam Memorial was built in DC. After finally being able to talk about his experiences, he found he was not alone. It was then when he decided to take his message of encouragement to the highways of America.

On March 11, 1984 he began a run across America starting at Norton Air Force Base in California crossing through 8 States ending at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC. He ran for 114 days covering 2827 miles. During his journey he met with thousands of Veterans encouraging them not to let their experiences ruin the rest of their lives. He spoke with the media to help make people aware of problems facing our American Veterans.

Hayden continues to help Veteran's by promoting programs to hire Veterans.



C M Hayden Vietnam

Through my journey in life as an American Veteran I have met thousands of Veterans and they have shared many of their experiences with me. In sharing these stories with you, the reader, I have chosen to use only nick names where necessary, to protect the privacy of those who these stories are about. Having served two separate tours of duty in Vietnam with the United States Marine Corps myself, I can truly relate to the story told.

It is my hope that by sharing these stories with you it will help you to understand that even though a warrior has returned from the battlefield it does not mean that the war has ended for that individual. From my own experiences, depending on the situation, anything may trigger a flashback or re-create a bad memory. It could be a smell, a noise or a vision that could send the Veteran into a silent mode and causing him or her to shut down, closing out the people around him or her and just yearning to be alone. Try to have patience with these warriors when they need to deal with their memories. Show them the love and respect they deserve. They put their lives on the line for you.

I also believe that it is the duty of we who have survived our experiences of war to live our lives to the fullest for those who did not. We should live out our dreams as if we were living their dreams for them.




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We would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to C.M. Hayden, all other Veterans, and all those currently serving in the armed forces. Thanks for fighting for us!


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Mighty Titans Header


A New Book Giving Students a Voice!


Mighty Titans



How can we make learning spectacular? It should be easy because learning is the most amazing thing on Earth! As a lost and forgotten Titan (who dropped out of high school), Dr. Roderic Brame returned to TC Williams in an effort to make teaching more meaningful to students and see if he could ignite a passion for learning and success within them. The "Mighty Titans" shares the efforts of several faculty and colleagues (aka: "My Peeps") to find a way to improve the academic performance of those not on the traditional path to college. Our general student population was made up of English Language Learners, "at risk", and special needs students. We were determined to find ways to support the students' pursuit of excellence. We learned far more from our students who we now call the Might Titans. We empowered our students to learn; the same ones who often felt like the hurdles and barriers they were facing were too great to overcome. The solutions we discovered made a fantastic difference in our student's lives. Together with the Mighty Titans, we documented students' perspectives on the difficulties, solutions, and achievements in a diverse urban high school. This group of young people decided to take a chance on learning despite the risk of railing in an attempt to seek a more meaningful and prosperous future.

We discovered that none or at best very few of the Mighty Titans ever ate breakfast. How were their minds going to work without proper nourishment? More than half of the students were working 30 hours a week or more. How could they do homework or study after their grueling schedules? Many showed up reading below grade level or were not proficient in English. How could we build reading, writing, and science literacy at the same time? What were the ideas that would turn them into high performing students with confidence and a more promising future. The Mighty Titans have been transformed from being dependent into people who are contributing and helping others to achieve excellence.

We spent three years getting back in contact with the Mighty Titans on Facebook and by email to see how the were doing in life. We discovered that many are in college, STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) fields, and/or transferring from junior college to a 4 year college/university. The students showed that they were way more successful than we thought; we had to write about the educational impact! Things learned from this experience have also been used to prepare hundreds of teachers and apply for a grant which received an award of $950,000 for middle school teachers from the Helios Foundation, www.helios.org. Dr. Brame is using what we've learned from the Mighty Titans to improve STEM education locally, regionally, and nationally. It has been an incredible journey as we reconnected, shared stories, and reunited to share our voice. We continue to receive communication from students about their triumphs and sometime tribulations in life. All are very supportive of the Mighty Titans project.



Roderic Brame

Roderic Brame is a high school dropout from TC Williams who later found a way to earn a BS in Geology, an MS in Science Education, and a PhD in Geosciences from Virginia Tech. He has an extensive career in science education. Highlights include developing the Los Angeles Science Education Reform System (LASERS), supporting the Chicago Science and Math Initiative (CSMI), developing and implementing project Science History and Reading Education (SHARE), teaching Earth science at TC Williams 2003-2007, and Principle Investigator for the Accelerated STEM academic Pipeline (ASAP). Dr. Brame worked on the Florida Strategic Plan for STEM resulting in HB7135, post-secondary education. He is currently serving as Director for the Center of Innovation at All Saints Academy, and CEP of R2B2 Science Education, LLC.


Rachel Brame

Rachel Brame is currently a professional artist, business owner, and is executive designer for the cover as well as chief editor for the Mighty Titans book. Her art has been commissioned and used in several other books and publications. Rachel has frequented Dr. Brame's classes at TC Williams and has continued to mentor several students through the years, providing a unique perspective and insight for the book. Rachel currently serves on the Scholarship Committee for the Bailey-Family Foundation since 2009. She graduated from USF in 2012 with a Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science, a dual major in sociology and communications. She is Director of Operations for R2B2 Science Education, LLC.



A&A Printing: What made you decide to become a teacher?

Dr. Brame: It was not my plan to be a teacher. I was a heavy machinery mechanic before I suffered a difficult back injury and ended up going to college to learn how to do something with my mind instead of my back.
I loved to learn but school did not seem excited about teaching me. In the background I have always had the drive to improve education and make it more meaningful to students like me.
I had always been teaching people in an organic and grass roots sort of way. As I worked my way through college I began tutoring many students who needed help. Eventually I became a teaching assistant and then a graduate assistant that required teaching labs. My evaluations were fantastic. All my professors thought I should earn a PhD and teach at a university. The problem is that many kids don't enter STEM (Science Engineering Technology Mathematics) fields because of the way they were taught math and science. I wanted to fix that so kids could be better prepared to seek the career of their choice.


A&A Printing: Did you have a teacher during your HS/College/University studies that really stood out for you? Someone who made learning fun, or at least interesting?

Dr. Brame: There were two people who have had a major influence on my career. In college Dr. Raymond Moore and Dr. Richard Bambach. They were both very challenging and focused on preparing me to be the best scientist I could be. At the same time they were peers who were always willing to discuss and argue about things we were discovering.
The biggest influence on how to teach science and how people learn was Dr. Franklin Jones. He was very involved with things like the National Science Education Standards. The most valuable gift I received from Dr. Jones was an excellent education about how people learn science.


A&A Printing: Did you ever have any reservations at first about taking on classes of "at risk", ESL, and Special Education students?

Dr. Brame: I had never taught high school, special education students, or "at risk" students. Two advantages I had were that 1) I was an "at risk" student when I was in high school, and 2) I had previously had a grant to help teachers learn how to teach kids with disabilities.
I was not sure how it would all work out. I initially applied my science skills to figuring out how to best serve these students.


A&A Printing: Do you think your Mighty Titans have made you a better teacher?

Dr. Brame: There is no doubt that my students have made me a better teacher. The most amazing thing was to see teaching and learning from the students point of view. It was especially helpful to learn all the difficulties and challenges the students had just to be in the classroom.
I have taken this precious gift from my students and applied it to many efforts to improve STEM education at the local, regional, and national levels.


A&A Printing: Have there ever been other teachers, School Board officials, and/or parents who have considered your teaching methods "off base", and think you should just stick to more "traditional" methods of teaching?

Dr. Brame: I have been challenged many times about not having a tightly structured learning environment and having a noisy and active classroom. My reply was always "at least my students are not sleeping". Students are kinesthetic and graphic learners. I used this combined with Problem-Based learning to build an optimal learning environment. I have been released without a contract because of my teaching style. For the most part students and parents love the way I teach and administrators seem to have the most difficulty. My students generally score above their peers on the standardized exams. Above that many of my students are inspired to pursue excellence. How could anyone not want that going on in their school?


A&A Printing: Now for the random fun question! "Stand and Deliver" had Edward James Olmos playing Jaime Escalante. "Dangerous Minds" had Michelle Pfieffer playing Louanne Johnson. "Lean on Me" had Morgan Freeman playing Principal Joe Clark. If they ever made a "Mighty Titans" movie, who would you want to play you?

Dr. Brame: Wow! Tough question. Tony Danza is the only actor that has gone back into an urban school to teach and would have the best understanding.
As funny as it sounds, Johnny Depp has the right mixture of inspiring fun and intensity to get the job done. You have to be able to connect with the students and become a valuable part of their culture. It is much more likely to be a success if the person playing the part believes all this in their heart.



To order your own copy of Mighty Titans, contact:

Dr. Roderic Brame
23059 Geneva Rd.
Land O' Lakes, FL 24639


Email: rib@themightytitans.com  

Website: www.themightytitans.com


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Mills Cooper was born in sunny Plant City, Florida in the summer of July, 1978. I graduated from Plant City High School in 1996, and after completion, I went on to continue my studies at Clark Atlanta University. I played briefly in the arena football league from 2001-2004, and back in 2003, I managed to get a tryout with the Minnesota Vikings. After a brief career playing football, I decided to put down the helmet to become a professional writer.
Back in 2008, I was put in a bad position that left me homeless, sleeping in my car on the streets of Plant City. During this time I made a decision to submit my life to GOD, and really search out what he wanted me to do for my life. While fasting and praying, GOD revealed to me through people what he wanted me to write about, which was informing people about generation curses. God wanted me to be a writer, but he wanted me to write and try to win souls for the kingdom. I feel like it's my duty to do so, being that we are living in the last days.
Whatever sinful activity that you indulge in, this book is for you! I will show you in this book that the life you are living now may find a way to repeat itself. If you are a person that doesn't practice sinful behavior, then that's wonderful! But if you take a second to look at your family tree, you probably will notice a repeated pattern of sin that's running through the blood line. If you do, then this book is definitely for you as well!
These things that I have mentioned can cause, or are results of a generation curse. In this book, I will be taking you on a journey through a fictional story, and giving an example of how and why these things occur. Most importantly, I will show you as the reader how we can stop this dark force that has so many of us in bondage. Generation Curse is a book that is straight to the point, and trust me, my friend, it will definitely keep your attention.

  You can e-mail Mills at millscooperfilms@gmail.com


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Featured on History's TV sreies AXMEN

Bart Colantuono is the chief pilot for R&R CONNER AVIATION
and author of Helilogging in a Sucker Hole.

When his rogue crew of helicopter loggers is thrown in jail, Matt Stark knows it's going to be a bad day.

When his helicopter crashes in the Cabinet Mountain Range and his myth-chasing mechanic claims its sabotage, he knows it's going to be a bad week.

Making a living as a gyppo helicopter logger in the Montana Mountains is already one of the most dangerous jobs a pilot can do. For Matt Stark, doing the job is not as dangerous as keeping it.

Relying on the advice of his dead mentor, Lefty Wright, Matt tries desperately to apply what he's learned from flying to the rest of his jumbled life in hopes of hanging onto a way of life that may be slipping into the past; but his tormented past is part of his problem.

Wood prices are dropping; the bank, holding the note on his helicopter, is breathing down his neck; and the local environmental group is petitioning to shut down his operation. All the while, someone may be sabotaging his equipment and possibly even trying to kill him.

All Matt wants to do is finish the job that he started.

Helilogging in a Sucker Hole is a novel of eco-terrorism and flying action.

David Hagberg, the USA bestselling author of Dance with the Dragon and Expediter says this: "Bart Colantuono is the real deal He knows what he's talking about because he's been there, done that. When you pick up HELILOGGING IN A SUCKER HOLE, you better strap in because you're in for one hell of a ride!"

Bart Colantuono, Author of the thriller: HELILOGGING IN A SUCKER HOLE

Order your copy directly from www.RotoronoverPublishing.com