Dan Poynter Presents: Writing, Producing and Promoting Your Book in the 21st Century (DVD)

You've read his books and know him as the most influential man in publishing. For the first time ever you can now see him live in a 3 disk DVD filmed on location at one of his full length seminars.

Known as “The Godfather of Publishing” and “The Book Futurist”, Dan speaks all over the world on where publishing is heading and what author’s need to know to survive. While many other Publishing guides and references are filled with out-dated material, this DVD contains vital information of where we are TODAY and where we are heading.

For the money it would cost you to travel and attend an all-day seminar, this DVD is a bargain and must own for any author wanting to have success with their book. Whether you are thinking about writing the book you always wanted to write or an experienced author, this DVD has useful information for everybody. Let Dan's years of knowledge and publishing success work for you as he reveals all his secrets for your benefit.

Author’s Will Learn How To:

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