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2015 Easter Offer


Get 250 or more copies of your coloring book printed with us before the 30th of April, 2015, and receive 20 FREE extra prints of it!

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Why Your Perfect Bound Book Needs The Proper Margins

More often than not, your book is going to be perfect bound. So making sure you follow the perfect binding margins when formatting your book is very important.

Let me give you a quick review of what perfect binding is, just in case you are new to the scene. Perfect binding is the most commonly used form of binding on paperback books. Pages are bound together with a glue adhesive rather than being sewn or stitched. It is also used to bind publications that are too thick to be stapled using the saddle-stitch method.

Here is an example of a perfect bound book…

Smugglers Web Cover for Blog



So why is it important to set margins correctly? Basically, it’s so your copy appears centered on each page and is not trimmed off or lost in the binding. It gives the inside of your book a more visual appeal for the reader.

Here is a quick art edit I made of a book that has no margins…

No Margins Example

See how the text gets lost in the binding, and how generally unappealing it is to the eye?

Now let’s look at this quick art edit I did of a book with the proper margins…

With Margins Example

That’s a heck of a lot better! Easier to read, and nothing is lost.



It’s best to make sure all your margins are set before you start writing your book. That way, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of tweaking the layout afterward. Some tweaks may be needed after the editing process due to copy changes, but it will be easier to deal with when the margins are set correctly for the layout.

Also, proper margin setup will make your book go through a prepress department quicker. They wont have to work on that part of it, taking up more time before the book goes to press and gets to you.

Our standard margins at A&A Printing are .5″ on the top, bottom and face of the book (the outer side edge area). The binding edge is always .75″.


- Post by Tammie Nason, Social Media, A&A Printing

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Valentine Offer!

February 14th 2015 Offer


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National Adoption Awareness Month Spotlight

Open Adopt Blog Image

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The Inspirational Laymon A. Hicks

Laymon Hicks

May is Young Achiever’s of Tomorrow Month. What better way for us to celebrate it than to spotlight a man who spends his time trying to motivate and encourage today’s youth so they can become the young achiever’s of tomorrow?

Click on the Featured Books button to the left to find out more about this inspirational man and his books!

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Attention Roger Rabbit Fans!

Our newest Featured Books is from the brilliant,
Gary K. Wolf, creator of Roger Rabbit and friends!


Click on the Featured Books button on the left to read more about Gary and the newest case Eddie Valient finds himself on with Roger!


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A book for Foodies AND Children!

We are excited to feature SMALL THYME COOKS by well-renowned winemaker/designer Andre Hueston Mack!

Click on the Featured Books button to the left to see more about this coloring & activity book that will keep you amused for hours.

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Featured Books Update

We have updated our Featured Books section!

You can find ALL of our great featured books and featured publishers there!

Our most recent book spotlight is special for the month of April. April is “National Autism Awareness Month”. We’ve spotlighted the ADAPTED FOR ACCESSIBILITY BOOKS written by Jeff McGunegle.

Adaptable Books

Adapted novels are used in school systems throughout the United States and especially in North Carolina. The novels have been used in research projecs by renowned Special Education department at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. The books have shown to be an effective literacy tool, especially to those with moderate-to-severe cognitive disabilities, such as autism.

To read more about these great books, just click on the Featured Books button on the left side of our site!

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Book Spotlight – A Fairies ABC – by Janet O’Rourke

A Fairies ABC

A Dream Come True…


Written and Illustrated by Janet O’Rourke

If you’re a fan of fairies, you’ll love this book. While learning the ABCs of fairies, such as “W is for Wonderful”, you’ll get a chance to see the beautiful illustrations created by Janet O’Rourke.

About The Author – Janet O’Rourke

Janetnobg (418x421)

Janet O’Rourke is an internationally known wood artist working alongside her husband Jay. Janet has taken this life long wood working skill and mixed in her passion for drawing fairies to create this magical book. She takes inspiration from the world around her and sprinkles fairies dust from her imagination to create these lovely & colorful illustrations. Janet lives in St. Petersburg, FL with her husband; her two dogs, Cash & Fiona; and her two cats, Zelda & Baby.

A Note From Janet

Welcome to my world…
A little dream come to life!
I have always loved fairies. As a little girl listening to my beautiful mom telling me stories I would imagine these beautiful creatures in my mind. Each of my fairies are here to spread abundant love, joy and happiness. I truly hope you enjoy them as much as I have had in creating them.

Fairies Pics (530x233)

Janet and Jay O’Rourke

ORourkes_0001 (530x336)

There is a secret mystical quality to our vessels. We are so happy with our new work. We have been making wooden boxes and vessels for over 40 years, our main concentration for most of our career were hinged boxes and vessels out of exotic hardwoods. We were feeling really bad about using rainforest wood so now that we are using found wood we are doing something good for the environment. We are published in over 14 books an numerous magazine articles; we are in museum and corporate collections all over the world.
All our vessels are made of found wood from storms; we cure the wood for about a year sometimes putting it in a compost pile to spault the wood, beautiful black patters are brought out when there is a fungus in the wood.
Jay is fantastic wood turner. He turns these pieces into hollow form wooden vessels and bowls. Then he gives them to me a blank canvas. I have my background in illustration so why not treat the wood like a canvas. I carve each finial mostly birds and other beautiful images from our garden, our inspiration! Then I use pigments on the woods with our own formula. Then I do Pyrography and paint the pieces and to most of these add a little magic. So if our work makes you smile and you feel good that’s our goal and we have made you happy!


Click the logo below to be directed to Janet’s website

logo jj1000 (530x54)

Click HERE to go to Facebook to like the
Janet O’Rourke Designs and Jay O Boxes fanpage.

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Book Spotlight – “THE ROGUE AVIATOR” & “DEAD TIRED” by Ace Abbott



 by Ace Abbott

 Ace Abbott Books

What Are They About?



Take a ride on the wild side throughout Ace Abbott’s thirty-six year journey that includes: exhilarating low-level formation flights and night airborne refueling missions in the F-4 Phantom; five-star hotels and restaurants in Paris, greasy cargo ramps, and South American jails. Ace’s journey will oscillate between aviation penthouses to aviation outhouses as he transistions through the turbulence of the airline post-deregulation chaos.

This radically erratic adventure is filled with equally implausible, pulse-racing aviation anecdotes and scenarios that reveal Ace’s frequent excursions “outside of the box.” Ace will take you to places where few layman or pilots have ever been. He will relate his close encounter with the Rastafarian culture when he smuggles Bob Marley out of Kingston, Jamaica. He hobnobs with iconic celebrities and Palm Beach Socialites while his chauffeuring of the rich and famous provides him a millionaire’s lifestyle on a school teacher’s salary.

An additional theme of this book is aviation safety, particularly regarding the current front and center issue of pulot fatigue. Ace related his all-too-frequent personal experiences of fatigue in the cockpit and discusses the role of the FAA and the pilot unions regarding this problem. The stories of duty periods in excess of twenty hours were a result of his exposure to “the back alleys of aviation.”



Dead Tired reversed equals tired dead, and this reversal stands out as the primary theme of this book, namely the problem of tired pilots who wind up dead.

  • The issue of tired pilots crashing airplanes is now out of the closet. Unfortunately, it took an ugly accident (Continental Flight 3407 at Buffalo, New York, on January 12, 2009) to get the issue into front-and-center headlines.
  • Dead Tired sheds additional light on the Buffalo catastrophe and offers the reader an in-depth understanding of the ongoing, pilot-fatigue problem.
  • This book also brings to light the FAA’s disregard for the safety and the well-being of cargo pilots by exempting them from the long-awaited revised rest and duty time rules.
  • The accident and incident reports of tired-pilot crashes have been included to present the case for a need for heightened awareness of the potential damage resulting from tired pilots in the cockpit.
  • The added educational material related to sleep deprivation, its symptoms, and counter-measures are relevant for pilots, for professional drivers, and for any driver who has ever taken charge of automobile in a tired condition.
  • Please fasten your seat belt and remain alert!


About the Author – Ace Abbott


ACE ABBOTT, born and raised on a farm in upstate New York entered the Air Force in 1965 and became an F-4 Phantom fighter pilot based in the Far East. In 1971 he began his civilian career as a Learjet charter pilot. From 1980 until 2002 he was a Boeing 727 Captain with several airlines. A 36 year aviation career took him to 44 countries with 25 employers.



Ace (on the right) with two other best-selling aviation authors,
Pete Buffington and Sully Sullenberger.


To find out more about “The Rogue Aviator”,
see more pictures, read Ace’s blog,
get a special offer of a signed copy, and much more,
go to The Rogue Aviator website at:

To find out more about “Dead Tired”,
read some excerpts and more,
go the the Dead Tired website at:

Find Ace on Twitter:
Click HERE

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