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Valuable lessons from A&A Printing and its owner, Bill Ashby, showcased in New reality TV show that highlights speakers and authors. In the upcoming reality show, Bill and his team share with the contestants the power and earning potential of a professionally published book.

In seasons 1 and 2 of “They Keynote”, A&A Printing gives up-and-coming writers valuable lessons on the publishing industry.

The Keynote is a reality show in which Delatorro McNeal, professional speaker and best-selling author, takes 15 aspiring speakers from all walks of life and brings them to Florida to spend one week with him in a large mansion. During this week of teaching and challenges, they all live together and are put in the pressure cooker by being mentored and coached by Delatorro and other media experts on his 12-Step Blueprint for building a full-time speaking career.

One important aspect of the 12-step blueprint is becoming an author and authority. As Delatorro’s primary printing resource, A&A Printing’s state-of-the-art printing facilities were chosen as the best place for filming a segment of the show that gives coaching on the printing process from formatting and printing to sales strategies.

On the show, speakers and authors are taught

  • How to sell more books in bulk through using them in the negotiation process.
  • As Bill Ashby and other media experts instruct the audience how a professionally packaged book can now allow authors to use their printed resources to land larger speaking opportunities at events and conferences.
  • Viewers and authors will also learn how to pitch their content to media outlets to create media interviews.
  • Many more business-building insights are baked into this inspirational, business reality show.

For the last 15 months, Delatorro has traveled the country with hopes of getting the shop and pilot picked up. However the big networks thought the show was too positive and didn’t have enough of the negative elements common in popular reality TV shows today. So Delatorro has chosen to take matters into his own hands. In order, to maintain the integrity and original intention of the show by retaining the original cast, he has chosen to use the online fundraising process called Crowdfunding to raise the money necessary to post-produce and launch this reality show online in the first quarter of 2016.

As authors and publishers there are numerous lessons for you that are locked in these episodes, which will be sure to help you maximize your writing efforts once these episodes are released.

We know that all writers, speakers and authors can greatly benefit from the valuable lessons and we are in support of this program that will highlight the speaking and author industry.

To find out more about it and see the trailer featuring A&A Printing, visit
The website for THE KEYNOTE Crowdfunding Campaign at

The campaign ends on November 30th, 2015.


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Thank You Hugh Akins!

It’s never to late to thank those who have served in the military!

This post goes out to Sgt. Hugh Akins and his wife of 32 years, Lorraine.
Sgt. Akins was in the US Army 173rd Airborne Brigade from 1967-1969 during the Vietnam War.
Thank you for your service Sgt. Akins!

Hugh Akins (500x384)

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Why Your Perfect Bound Book Needs The Proper Margins

More often than not, your book is going to be perfect bound. So making sure you follow the perfect binding margins when formatting your book is very important.

Let me give you a quick review of what perfect binding is, just in case you are new to the scene. Perfect binding is the most commonly used form of binding on paperback books. Pages are bound together with a glue adhesive rather than being sewn or stitched. It is also used to bind publications that are too thick to be stapled using the saddle-stitch method.

Here is an example of a perfect bound book…

Smugglers Web Cover for Blog



So why is it important to set margins correctly? Basically, it’s so your copy appears centered on each page and is not trimmed off or lost in the binding. It gives the inside of your book a more visual appeal for the reader.

Here is a quick art edit I made of a book that has no margins…

No Margins Example

See how the text gets lost in the binding, and how generally unappealing it is to the eye?

Now let’s look at this quick art edit I did of a book with the proper margins…

With Margins Example

That’s a heck of a lot better! Easier to read, and nothing is lost.



It’s best to make sure all your margins are set before you start writing your book. That way, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of tweaking the layout afterward. Some tweaks may be needed after the editing process due to copy changes, but it will be easier to deal with when the margins are set correctly for the layout.

Also, proper margin setup will make your book go through a prepress department quicker. They wont have to work on that part of it, taking up more time before the book goes to press and gets to you.

Our standard margins at A&A Printing are .5″ on the top, bottom and face of the book (the outer side edge area). The binding edge is always .75″.


- Post by Tammie Nason, Social Media, A&A Printing

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